Brandon Area Darts Association (B.A.D)


As of 11/27/00

ARTICLE I - Organization

  1. The name of this organization shall be theBrandon Area Darts Association, herein known as BAD.
  2. The association shall govern any steel tip darts team wishing to join and accepted into BAD whereas the team maintains good standing within the association.

ARTICLE II - Objectives

  1. The objectives of BAD are as follows:
    1. Promote the sport of competitive English darts within Brandon, Florida and it's surrounding area.
    2. Support State and National level organizations/associations in their promotion of English darts.
    3. Establish and maintain friendly, competitive relations with similar organizations/associations involved in the sport of English darts in the State of Florida and Nationally.
  2. BAD shall be a nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonsectarian association.

ARTICLE III - Membership Fees

  1. Executive Committee members require a two-thirds majority vote of members present during annual General Membership meetings to establish initial membership fees. These fees may be subsequently revised by a two-thirds vote of those Committee members present at any Committee meeting.
  2. Fees if any for BAD sanctioned activities shall be established by a two-thirds vote of those Committee members present at any Committee meeting.
  3. BAD membership fees shall be applicable to the period established upon completion of said Committee meetings. A member shall be considered to be properly registered when any member of the Executive Board has received the members' appropriate fee.
  4. Membership fees are payable as follows:
    1. Team sponsorship fees will be $40.00 per session. All team sponsorship fees are due no later than the fourth week of regular match play of any scheduled session. A late fee of $10.00 will be charged for all late payments. Championship Point penalties will also be assessed if the payment is late.
    2. Individual membership fees will be $20.00 per session regardless of when the member joins the Association. Championship Point penalties will also be assessed if the payment is late.
    3. Reinstatement fees, should any member be expelled by a majority vote of the Executive Committee, will be no less than $25.00 and no more than $40.00 above normal individual membership fees. The additional fee will be determinant of the reason for expulsion. This additional fee/fine will be decided by the Executive Committee's review of reason for expulsion.

ARTICLE IV - Membership

  1. BAD membership is open to anyone who evidences interest in English darts as a sport.
  2. Membership is solely evident upon approval of the Executive Board.
  3. Membership may be attained in one of three ways:
    1. Registered by a team captain at the beginning of any given session.
    2. Added to a current roster. However, there will be a 24-hour waiting period before the added player can participate. If a special circumstance arises (less than four team members present) and the other team captain agrees, an applicant may participate the evening of application. Any Executive Board member may approve the applicant. Any team attempting to add a player with a full roster will subsequently forfeit all matches that the applicant participated. In this event Championship Point penalties will apply as stated in Rules and Regulations, Article VI (3)(b)(4). Also note, membership fees will remain as stated in Article III (4)(b).
  4. A BAD membership may be restricted or expelled by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. If such a member creates disharmony or behaves in a manner that is prejudicial to event order or discipline and the betterment of darts as a sport will be restricted or expelled determinant upon the nature of the offense.
    1. Restriction. Any member restricted from play by the Executive Committee may appeal, in writing, to the Committee for reinstatement immediately upon notification of restriction. Restriction, unlike expulsion is a temporary suspension of membership for minor infractions of Association By-Law's. The determination of minor infractions will rest solely with the members of the Executive Committee's interpretation of what occurred. Normal restriction will be no less than two weeks but no longer than the remainder of the current session.
      1. Any restriction incurred will be served in consecutive weeks. This means the member may attend scheduled events as a spectator, but must abide by BAD by-laws while in attendance. Restricted members may not participate in any scheduled event unless an appeal, in writing and signed by at least 10 BAD members in good standing, is submitted to overturn this restriction. Overturning restrictions will only be granted by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.
      2. Should a restriction be served without further incident, the effected member will be reinstated as a member in good standing without being subject to reinstatement fees.
    2. Expulsion. An expelled member can only be reinstated membership at the beginning of a new session. Any member expelled from BAD may not be reinstated membership for a period of one year to the date of notification of expulsion plus the remaining portion of the current session's schedule. The expelled member must apply in writing for reinstatement, and have this application indorsed by at least 15 BAD members in good standing. Petitions for reinstatement will be determinant upon the Executive Committee. A reinstatement fee will be required before membership will be granted.

ARTICLE V - The Executive Committee

  1. The General Membership is the highest authority of BAD. Between General Membership meetings the highest authority will be the Executive Committee which shall meet on an as needed basis to vote on any pending issues. Between committee meetings the administrative authority of BAD shall be vested in the Executive Board.
  2. The Executive Board shall consist of the elected President, the elected Secretary and the appointed Treasurer.
  3. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the President, Secretary, Treasurer (Non-Voting) and one team captain from each team. The Executive Committee shall enforce rules and guidelines as established by BAD. This committee shall be responsible for the sanctioning of local darts establishments as per the Rules and Regulations at least once a year and upon entry into the Association. Said establishments who do not comply with the rules and conditions set forth in these bylaws shall be notified in writing and be given an opportunity to correct any discrepancies. Normally within one week. Said establishments are then subject to suspension as ordered by a majority vote to the Executive Committee.
  4. To be eligible for nomination of an elected position any interested party need only be a member in good standing, comply with this document and promote the sport of English darts.

  5. When a Committee vacancy occurs, sufficient additions shall be made in accordance with guidance provided in this document.
  6. The President and Secretary shall be elected to terms of no less than one (1) year commencing the day following an accurate tally of ballots (in the case of an emergency election for President) or the beginning of the next scheduled session. Normally this election will be held in the latter months of the Winter Session with newly elected official taking responsibility of their position at the beginning of the next scheduled session. Unless otherwise disputed, there is no maximum length an official may remain in office providing he/she is elected each year.
  7. The President, providing that the person has served on the Committee in the past may appoint Executive Board vacancies. Vacancies for team Captain will be the responsibility of the team. Should a vacancy of the Presidency position occur, the Secretary will fill the position temporarily until an emergency election can be conducted.
  8. Executive Committee members may be asked to resign if it is determined that he/she is not fulfilling the duties and obligations of the position. A majority vote of the Executive Committee is necessary to force a request for resignation.
  9. Members of the Executive Board may resign at any time by submitting a written notice to the Secretary who will notify the remaining members of the Executive Committee. Should the Secretary elect to resign, only a verbal notification to the President is required. Such resignations shall be effective immediately upon notification to the Executive Committee. In the case of a Secretary or Treasurer resignation, Article V, paragraph 7 will apply.
  10. Members of the Executive Committee who elect to resign their position shall not be permitted to run for any office during the next election.

ARTICLE VI - Committee Member Responsibilities

  1. Association President: The President shall preside over all Executive Committee meetings of the BAD. He/She may vote on any issue brought forth by the Executive Committee. He/She shall decide all questions of order, approve all orders upon the Treasurer for all sums of money levied on BAD, approve and appoint all Committees, unless otherwise ordered, and he/she shall be the lead member of all Committees (tournament, special events, banquet). NOTE: There may be, on occasion, where the President is also a Team Captain. Should this situation arise, the President will only be afforded one vote during any Executive Committee meeting. However, should there be a tie in voting, the President may make the final decision if the decision is in the best interest of BAD. The President shall willingly turn over all papers and records accrued during their term to newly elected officials, resignation or removal.
  2. Association Secretary: The Secretary will also act as Association Statistician. He/She is responsible to attend all Committee Meetings, vote on any issues brought forth by the Executive Committee, shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings and conduct any correspondence of BAD. He/She shall coordinate the running of the Association for its betterment by providing an as needed Newsletter to all Executive Committee Members, provide weekly statistics to the membership, and shall report to the Executive Committee any disagreements noted on the score sheets. The Secretary shall chair meetings in the absence of the President. The Secretary will also turn over all papers and records accrued during their term to newly elected official, upon resignation or removal from office.
  3. Association Treasurer: The Treasurer will be appointed by the President and shall receive and maintain custody of all funds. He/she shall promptly deposit all monies received. He/She will keep a correct account thereof and pay all approved orders properly drawn on BAD. All bills will be submitted to the President for approval before payment is made. He/she shall be required to submit a financial report at each meeting, at least quarterly, and, at the discretion of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall submit the books for an annual audit and at the end of his/her term of office.
  4. Team Captain: Individual team captains will act as Executive Committee members. As an Executive Committee member, the team captain shall be responsible for attending all scheduled meetings and provide a responsible vote on all issues as per the views of his or her team members. As well as an Executive Committee Member, the team captain is responsible for team registration for new session play. Proper registration shall include a roster of the captain's team members' names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail address (if applicable) and any moneys required. Captains shall maintain order during play and ensure sportsmanlike conduct of their team. The captain is also responsible for passing along information to their team members and for their teams knowing and understanding all league rules and regulations. Any discrepancies in interpretation of the rules are to be brought before the Executive Committee in writing to the Association Secretary or President. Should a team captain be unable to attend a meeting, an alternate from that team may be substituted in their stead.

ARTICLE VII - Committee Meetings

  1. The Association President is responsible to schedule Executive Committee meetings. Executive Committee meetings will be held at a minimum of once per session. As a minimum, Executive Committee meetings will be held between the end of one session and prior to the start of the next. However, any number of meetings can be held throughout a session. The majority of Executive Committee members and at least one elected official will constitute a quorum. In the absence of the President, the Secretary shall chair meetings.
  2. Types of meetings:
    1. Executive Committee: Any time the Association President deems necessary to have a meeting where a vote may be required to settle a dispute or make changes.
    2. General Membership: A General Membership meeting will be scheduled at the end of every session. They will be held in order for Executive Committee members to solicit feedback from Association members, schedule other meetings, and discussing possible rules changes for upcoming sessions. This meeting may also include other meeting agendas.
    3. Special General Membership: Any BAD member may call a Special General Membership meeting for petition of a specific purpose only. The specific purpose must be in writing and must be signed by at least 10 BAD members in good standing.
    4. Election: An Election meeting shall be scheduled in conjunction with a General Membership meeting. The Association President will determine the date, time and location.
    5. Special Election: The President or acting President will schedule a Special Election meeting in the event a special election of Executive Board officials is warranted.
    6. Rules Change: Any suggested rules change should be tabled until the next scheduled General Membership meeting unless the rule is required to continue an error free continuation of the current session. All rules changes require a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE VIII - Elections

  1. Elections shall take place between the winter and Spring Session or on an as needed basis to fill the position of an Executive Board member. Nominations will be made on ballot sheets and the Secretary will present these to the General Membership prior to elections.
  2. All elections shall be effected by a secret ballot. It will be the responsibility of the Secretary to construct the ballot and see that it is distributed properly. NOTE: In the event there is only one individual running for a position, a majority agreement of the general membership is all that is required.
  3. No elected Executive Board Member shall be associated with any darting establishment, distributor, supplier or business in which they can profit through the exploitation of BAD. Such affiliation represents a conflict of interest and thus disqualifies the candidate for office.
  4. No BAD member may vote more than once per candidate per office. Proxy votes are not permitted.
  5. As in Executive Committee meetings, should an Executive Board Official also act as a Team Captain, only one vote is afforded the member regardless of their particular position within the association.
  6. No member shall be nominated for an elected Association position if they have been previously removed from an elected office or expelled from the Association.

ARTICLE IX - General

  1. The BAD Executive Committee as deemed necessary may amend these bylaws. A majority of Executive Committee members must be in attendance to amend any rule. All amendments must be approved by majority vote of the Executive Committee members present.
  2. The order of business and/or producers of any meeting called or any subject not covered by these bylaws shall be subject to a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE X - Contracts and Agreements

  1. The BAD Executive Board shall have the sole authority to enter into contracts and agreements in the name of the Brandon Area Darts Association. Such contracts and agreements must have the signature of both the President and Secretary and must be attested by the Treasurer to make such contracts or agreements binding upon BAD.
  2. Executive Committee members will not make any purchases or enter into any agreement whose expenditures would exceed $25.00 without first having approval of the Executive Board.

ARTICLE XI - Expenses

  1. Two Executive Board members must sign all checks or money orders issued by BAD.
  2. Any BAD memberrequestedto represent BAD at a function will be reimbursed expenses not to exceed $50.00 or actual amount, whichever is less providing the requesting party does not reimburse expenses. Receipts are required to substantiate all reimbursements.



ARTICLE I - An Introduction to Darts and the Association

  1. Good Sportsmanship will be the prevailing attitude at all BAD sanctioned events.
  2. Safety. Along with good sportsmanship, safety shall be of the utmost importance. As dangerous as steel-tip darts can be in the wrong hands, any member proved to have used a set of darts in a dangerous manner will immediately be restricted from play pending an Executive Committee's decision to expel.
  3. It is the responsibility of all BAD members to maintain a current address, phone number and e-mail address (if available) with BAD. The Executive Committee will notify Association members of all information deemed necessary.
  4. Membership and Fees:
    1. Unless a BAD sanctioned event is classified as an open event,ONLYBAD members in good standing may participate in the event. However, any person showing a desire to join BAD may do so as long as all stipulations contained within these by-laws are followed and a team captain is willing to add them to their team roster. If a team roster is full, no members may be released during special events such as sanctioned blind-draw tournaments or cup matches.
      1. Each member must apply for a BAD membership. The respective membership fees are specified in the by-laws under ARTICLE III - Membership Fees.
      2. A parent or responsible guardian must accompany a BAD member who is under 21 years of age. In no cases will a member under the age of 21 be allowed to participate in any BAD competition or event without such supervision. Misrepresentation of age on the part of any minor member at any BAD function shall be grounds for immediate expulsion from the Association. Such expulsion shall remain in effect until the individual reaches the age of 21, at which time the mandatory reinstatement process may be utilized for reinstatement.
      3. A member of the Executive Board must receive BAD fees by the end of any scheduled event of the fourth week of scheduled events. Any delays will result in penalties as approved by the Executive Committee.
    2. The Association will accept only properly completed team registrations filed by the published deadline.
    3. The league divides teams into divisions (only when the number of teams registered necessitate) each session and schedules competition.
    4. Each sponsor pays an established fee per session to participate in BAD. All sponsor fees are to be paid no later than the fourth week of any regular session scheduled match. A late fee of $10.00 will be charged for late entries or late payment as well as point penalties for every day the payments are late.
    5. Fees are required for Association trophies, banquets, tournaments, ADO/FDA memberships, and the administrative costs incurred.
    6. For more information write, phone or e-mail:
      • Brandon Area Darts Association
      • Attn: Clay Downs Attn: Marc Cerve Attn: Steve Canan
      • 3123 Bent Creek Dr. 1101 Orange Walk Dr. 4601 Oak River Circle
      • Valrico, Fl. 3359 Brandon, FL 33511 Brandon, FL. 33511
      • Home: (813) 628-9365 Home: (813) 651-1159 Home: (813) 651-9600
    7. Equipment:
      1. Dartboard.
        1. For league play, a standard 18" bristle board, of the type approved by the FDA/ADO, and standard 1 - 20 point, clock face dartboard must be used.
        2. The scoring wedge value of 20 must be the darker color of the board and must be at the top-center. Rotating to extend the live of the dartboard is suggested.
        3. The wires must not be broken and the width of the double and triple rings must be 3/8" plus or minus 1/32".
      2. Darts.
        1. For league and tournament play, darts shall not exceed an overall maximum length of 12 inches, and not weigh more than 50 grams per barrel.
        2. Each dart shall consist of a recognizable point, barrel and flight.
        3. No single dart shall consist of more than seven (7) separate parts.
      3. Set-Up.
        1. The minimum throwing distance shall be 7'9¼" from a plumb line dropped from the face of the board or 9'7¼" from the center of the bull on diagonal to the throw line.
        2. The board height shall be 5'8" from the floor to the center of the cork.
        3. Lights must be affixed in such a way as to brightly illuminate the board, reduce or minimize shadows cast by darts, and not physically impede the normal flight of a thrown dart.
        4. Whenever possible, a raised hockey at least 1" high and 2' long shall be placed in position at the minimum throwing distance. If a raised hockey is utilized, the throw distance will be measured to the rear of the raised hockey.
      4. Scorekeepers.
        1. Whenever possible, scorekeepers should be used to speed play. The home team will be responsible for providing scorekeepers, should enough people be available.
        2. If one person desires a scorekeeper, and the other person doesn't, the person desiring a scorekeeper will prevail.
        3. A scorekeeper shall stand as close as possible (and still maintain safety) to the scoreboard andstand still. He or she will not be smoking or drinking or making unnecessary moves to distract the players.
      5. Disclaimer. Any member of the BAD Executive Committee reserves the right to request replacement of substandard equipment prior to a match. Disputes over equipment are valid reasons for postponement. Any venue, deemed unsuitable for match play, will have one (1) week to make necessary repairs or changes. Should repairs or changes require longer periods of time to complete, the team captain will be responsible to make alternate arrangements to complete future scheduled matches.
    8. Changing Sponsor Establishments:
      1. The Executive Board must authorize permanent change of sponsor establishment during the session.
      2. Temporary changes of home establishment may be handled on a captain to captain basis and are per se authorized if the visiting team captain accepts the location and adequate facilities are available for association competition.
      3. Home team captains are responsible for informing visiting team captains of any changes, providing directions to the new site and leaving a person at the original site if requested.
      4. Should a sponsoring establishment elect to discontinue participation, the team captain affected will be authorized to locate an adequate replacement without charge providing a new sponsoring established can be located in a reasonable amount of time. All matches will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

ARTICLE II - An Overview of the League

  1. The session:
    1. The BAD session will consist of at least two sessions per year. At a minimum, the Summer Session will begin in Mid-April and run until Mid-September; the Winter Session will begin in Mid-October and run until Mid-March.
    2. Each session shall be determinant on the number of teams registered for a session and the number of special events approved during General Membership meetings.
  2. Scheduling:
    1. The association will schedule competition in accordance to the number of registered teams in good standing.
    2. If the number of teams is eight or less, the association will only schedule one division. When the number of registered teams in good standing exceeds eight; the schedule may be broken into divisions.
    3. Initial divisional assignments will be based on team registration information.
    4. Future divisional assignments will be based on previous results. New teams will be placed in the best possible position in accordance with team registration information.
    5. When initial divisional scheduling is started, the teams finishing in the top four positions from the previous session will be place in the highest division. The remaining teams will be placed in the lower division. Upon completion of the next session, the teams finishing in the bottom two positions of a higher division will be placed in the next lower division; and the top two teams of any lower division will be placed in the next higher division.
    6. In non-divisional scheduling, all teams will play each other at least twice. Depending on the number of teams in divisional scheduling, each team will play each team within their division at least twice and possibly teams from other divisions at least once. The number of actual teams will dictate this procedure.
    7. Each team will gain standing points within its own division.
    8. Matches are scheduled, half as home team and half as visitor or a close as possible giving the overall number of teams is even or if divisional play is considered.
  3. Cup Matches: (If included in any particular session.)
    1. Cup matches will attempt to be corporate sponsored events of a special nature. Normally they will match teams from different divisions or out of normal sequence to challenge using an unfamiliar format.
    2. The formats will be anything from all single sets, doubles and singles, all Score Cricket, or a mix and match best of five (5) legs. The format will be to the discretion of the corporate sponsor.
    3. Cup matches will be contended for on a day that is not normally scheduled for normal Association activities. Normally this will be a Saturday at the cup holder's home pub.
    4. Since the events are of a special nature and sponsored, no championship or individual points will be awarded for Cup Matches.
  4. Postponements:
    1. The Association will not recognize the inability to field a full team on a regularly scheduled match dates, or rescheduled match as previously agreed, as a valid cause for postponement. If both captains agree, the match may be played ahead of schedule.
    2. If a captain has a valid cause for postponement, contact the Executive Board and the opposition team captain as far in advance as possible. Explain the request fully.
    3. The teams involved must reschedule agreed postponements within two (2) weeks. If the match is not played before the end of the designated time period, the team originally requesting the postponement will forfeit all points for the match, unless the opposing team fails to show on the rescheduled date of the match.
  5. Standings:
    1. Division standings will either be sent or provided for pick-up at a central location to team captains weekly.
    2. The standings will show rank within the Association/division, total match points won, total match points lost, points back from first place, percentage of match points won to total points, total legs won, total legs lost, and percentage of total legs won to total legs, as a minimum. The Association Secretary will determine the elaboration of statistics.
    3. BAD reserves the right to make retroactive corrections to weekly standings.
    4. Inaccurately reported results will be corrected. Any discrepancies must be noted on the score sheet or in writing for correction and agreed upon by both affected team captains prior to any change.
    5. Penalty points will be adjusted at the Executive Board's discretion.
    6. Simple math errors will be corrected whenever found.
    7. Ties within the association/division standings will be decided by a number of factors:
      1. The team with the better head to head record will be deemed the victor.
      2. Team with the greater number of legs won, head to head, will be deemed the victor.
      3. Team with the greater number of legs won, will be deemed the victor.
      4. Should all of the above factors still result in a tie, a playoff match will be warranted.
  6. Trophy Policy:
    1. There will be a travelling Sponsor's Trophy awarded to the sponsor of the association winners.
    2. A single trophy will be awarded to the overall winners should a divisional playoff be contested. Divisional trophies will also be awarded to the sponsor's team that placed first in each division at the end of the regular session should divisional scheduling be utilized.
    3. Traveling trophies are to be returned to the Executive Board no later than the first day of the last month of any scheduled session. This will be done so new plaques may be added and completed prior to the next presentation event.
    4. Should a team win the Sponsor's trophy three (3) consecutive years (not sessions), the trophy will be permanently awarded to the sponsor and a new traveling trophy of equal or greater value will replace it.
    5. Individual trophies will be given to teams as follows:
      1. Five or less teams in the association/division - first place only.
      2. Six or seven teams in the association/division - first and second place only
      3. Eight or more teams in the association/division - first, second and third place.

    6. One trophy will be awarded to each player on a team's roster, providing the player has competed in at least 50% of the team's matches (including special events, cup matches, etc.). Trophies will only be awarded to members in good standing with the association. It will be up to the team captains to note on the final score sheets, players who will receive trophies. The Association Secretary will verify eligibility.
    7. Special awards will be awarded in the following categories (Note: Special award selections are at the discretion of the Executive Board and are determinant on funding):
      1. 180 shot
      2. High In
      3. High Out
      4. Lowest number of darts in a 301 Game
      5. 6 Bulls-eyes
      6. 9 Mark in Cricket
      7. Team Most Valuable Player
      8. League Most Valuable Player (Men)
      9. League Most Valuable Player (Women)
    8. Special Cups may be purchased through corporate sponsorship and competed for during special events. Should the opportunity arise, Sponsor's Trophy and individual trophies will be awarded to the winner and runner-up teams. The Sponsor's Trophy will also be a traveling trophy.
  7. Playoff Championship (If time permits):
    1. Only teams in good standing are eligible for this event.
    2. This is a team game tournament, allowing team player substitution between games.
    3. Location, date and time of the tournament is at the Executive Committee's discretion.
    4. Location of playoffs, banquets, meetings, and special events will be assigned on a rotating basis of all active, BAD sponsoring establishments. Any new sponsoring establishments entering the league will be added to the bottom of the rotation list.


  1. The Team:
    1. Each team is required to have a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of eight (8) players on their roster.
    2. A player cannot change teams during the session unless prior approval has been sought and received from the Executive Committee.
    3. If any captain has reason to question the identity of any player, the association requires both captains to cooperate in resolving the identity rationally.
    4. If cooperation is refused by a player or captain, notify the Association Secretary via the score sheet, explaining both the circumstances and reason for your questioning.
    5. Use of a non-BAD player not identified as a member with fees paid or a member not yet accepted in a match is cause for forfeiture of all legs the player participated.
    6. Once a BAD Member shoots in a match for one team, he/she is a member of that team only. Shooting for another team in the Association/division during the session without prior approval of the Executive Committee is sufficient grounds for forfeiture of all matches in which he/she participated.
  2. Adding Players:
    1. Captains may add players to their rosters at anytime throughout the session. A new player must become a BAD member with fees paid before their name can be added to the roster.
    2. If permission is denied to add a player by the Executive Committee, the captain will be notified the following week of the decision. Point totals shall be adjusted as circumstances dictate.
    3. No team may have more than eight (8) active players. A team may roster eight players but may only replace names that have not played during the session or have resigned their membership. Once roster players have played, his/her name may not be removed from or replaced on a team roster for the remainder of the session, unless that player has resigned their membership.
    4. Players, who have been restricted from play or expelled from the league, may not be replaced on a team roster under any circumstances. If this results in a team falling below four (4) players, they will have to play the remainder of the schedule minus players.
  3. Illegal Players:
    1. Any player not identified as a BAD member in good standing, a member awaiting acceptance (membership not yet accepted by the Executive Committee) or any member who has played a match with another BAD team without prior approval; is cause for forfeiting all games the player participated.
    2. Any captain knowingly playing an illegal player will be subject to disciplinary action by the Executive Committee and the team being penalized a minimum of 10 championship points.
    3. Any team identified as utilizing an illegal player through a valid protest will be assessed the maximum possible penalty points until such a time as the accused Team Captain requests and is granted a Special Committee Meeting to defend the accusation. Only then will penalty points be reinstated.

ARTICLE IV - The Match

  1. Match Format -- The Game:
    1. Definitions.
      1. Match - All sets scheduled for a contest.
      2. Set - The best 2 of 3 legs.
      3. Leg - Any single game of 01 or Score Cricket.
    2. Each match consists of:
      1. 2 sets of Doubles 501, double start - double finish.
      2. 2 sets of Doubles Score Cricket.
      3. 4 sets of Singles 301, double start - double finish.
      4. 4 sets of Singles Score Cricket.
      5. Each leg will begin with a player from each team throwing for the cork. The closest to the bulls-eye will throw first in the leg. In a doubles set, one player from each team will throw for the cork in the first leg, and the remaining players will throw for the cork in the second leg. The home team players have the option of throwing for the cork first or second in every leg.
      6. Each leg win will be worth one (1) point. If any set is won in two consecutive legs, the winner will be awarded all three (3) points. The total points for a match is 36 points.
    3. The home team has the prerogative of choosing the board on which the set is to be played if there is more than one set of dartboards in the establishment.
    4. Only player(s) scheduled to participate in a particular set are authorized to throw for the bulls-eye.
    5. All sets of one event must be completed before starting the next event (i.e. all doubles must be completed before singles begin) unless a format change is agreed upon by the team captains.
    6. Mathematical errors in scoring shall not be corrected after the opposing and the affected team/player have each finished their next turn.
  2. The Throw:
    1. A throw will be at the discretion of any member's opponent. If a player has a dart slip or simply drop out of their hand and it falls beyond the hockey, the player must make a request of his or her opponent before the dart is picked up and thrown at the dartboard. This is not an attempt to initiate conflict, rather to eliminate it. In the past, conflicts have risen from just such happenings. Therefore, in order to avoid conflict; if your opponent refuses the dart to be thrown--that is the rule. However, any dart that slips or falls behind the hockey line, may be retrieved and thrown.Note:As the promotion of good sportsmanship is the intention of BAD, it is to the discretion of both players at the time of such an occurrence to come to an agreement. All players are cautioned not to use this rule as a tool to advantage themselves in any match. If an attempt to throw a dart at the dartboard did not actually take place; please use your best judgement. In the best interest of the game, any disagreements will be referred to the team captains, as they are Executive Committee members.
    2. The score of each dart is determined from the side of the wire it enters the board. Also, basic game rules and the following requirements must be met:
      1. At the darts release, the thrower's toe must be on or behind, not over, the hockey.
      2. Without human intervention, the dart's point must remain in contact with the bristle portion until the player or scorekeeper scores the throw.
    3. At no time during a turn may a dart be moved or adjusted when it is already in the board.
    4. In the case of a dart whose point is in the bristles but splits or separates the wire and a valid value cannot be determined by the player, opposing player, or scorekeeper, the dart will be rethrown. This is a very rare and unique occurrence, any adjustment to or removal of this dart by the thrower, before each team and the scorekeeper have attested to the uniqueness, forfeits the right to the application of this rule.
    5. Any player actively participating in a set has the right to call a foul shot if the opponent's feet are over the hockey, thus resulting in the dart thrown to score zero.
  3. Time Constraints:
    1. The official start time of any scheduled match is 7:30 PM unless otherwise stated on the schedule. However, teams should be at their scheduled establishment by 7:15 PM so the initial line-up can be completed.
    2. Team captains shall be afforded the opportunity to coordinate with opposing team captains to defer the starting time. Both team captains must agree on this change.
    3. Deadline to begin match play is 8:00 PM. Any team who cannot field at least 2 players by the deadline will forfeit the entire match.
    4. The waiting team, should four members be present may opt to score a set win every five (5) minutes after the official start time. (I.e. 7:35 PM - score all three legs of the first set of doubles 501; 7:40 PM - score all three legs of the second set of doubles 501; 7:45 PM - score all three legs of the first set of doubles Score Cricket; etc.) If at any time during this period a second player of the opposing team arrives, the captain who is waiting will declare the victory of the set currently pending.
    5. Once a set has begun, tardy players may not be added to the play sheet for that set, but may be added to the play sheet for subsequent sets. For example, if a Doubles Cricket set has begun and is currently playing the first leg, a tardy player may not participate in any remaining legs of that particular set. However, that player may be added to the play sheet for any other set.NOTE: This rule is at the discretion of individual team captains. If a team captain allows the tardy player to begin play in mid-set; no protesting of the match is authorized.
    6. No more than five (5) minutes should elapse between the end of one set and the beginning of another set. This should especially be heeded for establishments utilizing only one dartboard. The team failing to start a set within the 5-minute time limit shall forfeit that set, unless it is determined that there was good reason or previously agreed by both team captains. Such cases shall be documented on the score sheet. In any case, all sets should be played.
  4. Matches shot "Short Handed" (2 or 3 Players):
    1. A team needs only field 2 or 3 players to shoot a match.
    2. A team or teams of 2 or 3 players will still place their players in any order they wish on the play sheet. Any absent player's name will be left blank on the play sheet.
    3. There is no requirement to place the absent player in any particular position (i.e. first or last). If a team captain wishes to leave the third space blank, that is his/her prerogative.
    4. If a set is scheduled and there is no opponent, the team fielding a shooter(s) wins all points by forfeit.
    5. If both teams are short handed, and by chance they place the blank space in the same slot on the play sheet, neither team will be awarded points for the set.
    6. The turn, score, and darts thrown for an absent player are recorded as zero (0) for a team that is short handed, thus maintaining the correct team rotation.
  5. Practice Darts:
    1. Once a match has begun, only those who will participate for match points should practice on the board to be used for that game.
    2. While competing for match points, a player may NOT practice or play on another board.
    3. Players not involved in an ongoing set may practice on non-adjacent dartboards.
    4. Wen shooting a "best of three" format, practice is permitted only before the first leg.

ARTICLE V - Disputes and Forfeitures

  1. Protests:
    1. Disputes should be handled on a captain to captain basis when possible.
    2. Disputes and protests may be brought to the Executive Board's attention for resolution by the Executive Committee. A written grievance must be received by the Association Secretary within seven (7) days of the occurrence, or must be noted on the play sheet at the time of the incident. Disputes and protests, properly received, will be brought up at the next scheduled Committee Meeting.
    3. In all matters of rules, infractions, penalties, and interpretations, the decision of the Executive Committee is binding.
  2. Forfeits:
    1. As stated above, the official start time of a scheduled match is 7:30 PM. If your opponent cannot field at least 2 players in good standing by 8:00 PM, the team that is present may claim a forfeit. By doing so, the team present simply completes their side of the score sheet and indicates "Forfeit" on their opponents side of the score sheet.Please note: No individual wins/loses will be awarded for a forfeit win. The full championship points will only be awarded in the overall team standings.
    2. Any team forfeiting 3 matches in a single session is automatically suspended from association play. Members of a suspended team must reapply for BAD membership before they may be added to any other roster.
    3. Depending on the circumstances of an individual suspension due to team forfeitures, additional membership fees may be levied. Additional membership fees will be to the discretion of the Executive Committee.
    4. All teams in the association will be awarded all championship points from scheduled matches with a suspended team. This will be retroactive to the beginning of the session.

ARTICLE VI - Score Sheets and Penalties

  1. Reporting results:
    1. Thewinningteam captain is responsible for mailing-in or delivering the score sheet. Stamped envelopes will be provided for this purpose. All score sheets must be postmarked by Wednesday and received by the Association Secretary prior to or with the mail on Friday following a Monday night match. Delivered score sheets will be delivered no later than Thursday evening where ever the Association Secretary has determined. NOTE: Any valid failure in the US Postal Service to deliver mail will be taken into consideration before penalty points are assessed.
    2. Both team captains are accountable for the accuracy of the score sheet and attest to it by their signature's. If a team captain is absent for a scheduled match, any team member can accept responsibility for signing a score sheet. Once a score sheet is signed by two team captains, it will be considered binding unless a protest is filed within authorized time constraints.
    3. Written explanations should accompany and dispute or odd results. All discrepancies on score sheets must be resolved within seven (7) days or only matching statistics will be recorded. Any dispute or protest noted on a score sheet that does not receive a rebuttal within the seven day period will be binding towards the award of championship points.
  2. Championship Point System:
    1. Each match is worth a total of 36 points. This equates to 1 point for every possible leg of the doubles and single sets.
    2. Matches can and will end in a tie from time to time. Should this happen, submit the score sheet to be processed. The only time ties will be contested is at the end of each session. If the overall standing ends in a tie, the tie will be broken as stated earlier.
  3. Penalties:
    1. Point penalties will be assessed for failure to comply with this document. Point penalties are at the discretion of the Executive Board.
    2. Penalty points will be assessed in the following manner:
      1. Late score sheets = 3 points for every day late not to exceed 30 points. Once a late score sheet reaches the 30 point penalty the captain responsible will be notified and the losing team of the match will receive points won, plus ten (10) additional points.
      2. Late payment of fees: Individual = 3 points per individual, per week, per team.
      3. Late payment of fees: Team = 5 points week.
      4. Illegal Player = automatic loss of all matches they participated in plus 10 points.
      5. Improper conduct at a match = to be determined by the Executive Board but not to exceed 15 points.
      6. Any rules infraction = to be determined by the Executive Board but not to exceed 15 points.