Brandon Area Darts Association (B.A.D)

Captains Letter

2 May 2003

Team Captains:

Welcome to another season in the Brandon Area Dart Association. First I want to welcome those that have joined our league this year and those that stayed for another season.

In your team packets you will find score sheets, some packets will contain an envelope for score sheets to remain in your home Venue. If you do not have a score sheet then the other team in that Venue will have the envelope. You should also have some copies of this year's schedule. Please take note that even though we are playing "division play" you will play every team in your division twice and will play a team in the other division once.

"A" Division please take note that you have 4 nights where you will not be having a match. This was due to the uneven teams in the divisions and with Division "B" having more teams; it gives Division "B" two extra weeks of play.

Captains, when the match is over and you are turning in your score sheets, please ask the bartender to give you the envelope and you put the score sheet in the envelope and give it back to the bartender. This will make sure that the sheets were put in the proper place and the bartender does not mistakenly misplace the score sheet.

Casey Horn will be completing the stats this season. If he does not get any score sheets by the following Saturday then the home team will be penalized points for not having their sheets in on time. This will take place the first week of play. No Exceptions!!

Finally, league dues are due by the 3rd week of the season. Please have these in on time.

If you should have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Doug Lovelace
B.A.D.A. League Secretary