Article 9: Pity Us League Administrators

Pity us League Administrators. We are the ones who volunteer our time to run dart leagues around the country to the best of our ability. It is the rule that there is no monetary compensation for our time and effort. We do it for the love of the sport. We try our best to set up and run the league as best as we can. We don't do everything perfectly. Sometimes we get it wrong. But we try to improve the league.

Pity us League Administrators. We rarely receive praise for our effort. However, if something goes wrong, we are usually the first ones to hear the gripes. We are the ones that deal with the grievances that occur during the season; both real and imagined. Sometimes we are able to solve the problem. Other times we cannot. There are even times that there is no solution. Even when we come up with the solution, there are people who do not agree with it and the vicious circle continues.

Pity us League Administrators. Despite our best efforts, we cannot do it alone. There are times that we rely on the rest of the league to help us improve the league or recruit new members and sponsors. Some members help out; however, most just want to throw and don't care what the internal workings of the league are or get involved with the 'politics' of the league. 'Just let me know where to throw' seems to be the most prevalent response.

Pity us League Administrators. We are the ones that are always looking for suggestions and improvements. When we have a league meeting, it seems that less than half of the members show up for it. This is the best time to listen to the suggestions of the league members and hopefully improve everyone's enjoyment. When someone brings up a suggestion, usually one of two things happen; either you have a room full of blank stares, or a Battle Royal breaks out and we become referees, instead of people trying to run a meeting.

Pity us League Administrators. There is no possible way that we can make everyone happy every single time. There are even times that us League Administrators do not agree with the votes of the members present. But, since the vote was taken, we accept the decision and press on. There are times that we are even accused of favoritism or, worse yet, downright fraud when someone doesn't like a ruling or a change to the by-laws. This usually occurs when placing teams in divisions, determining how many players or teams receive plaques or certificates, etc. According to some people, we never get it right.

Pity us League Administrators.

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