Da Doofus's Corner

I know, what an odd name for a page! Da Doofus is the nickname of a good friend here in Montgomery, Lance Kent, who has graciously agreed to write a series of articles on darts that will be posted at this site. They will consist of everything from tips, tricks, his philosophy, personnel experiences and maybe nothing more than the incoherent ramblings of another dart addict! I think you will find them entertaining and possibly even educational. Enjoy!

Article 1 (11/26/98): Why Are Darts Fun?

Article 2 (12/5/98): The 'Ero' Complex

Article 3 (12/15/98): Pressure

Article 4 (01/03/99): Say 'No' To Defeatism

Article 5 (02/13/99): It Was One of Those Nights

Article 6 (03/07/99): Memories, Like The Corner Of My Mind

Article 7 (03/13/99): Strategy? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Strategy

Article 8 (05/06/99): What's So Uniquely Good About Darts

Article 9 (06/21/99): Pity Us League Administrators

Article 10 (08/22/99): We Needed Just One More Win

Article 11 (08/29/99): Preparation Tips

Article 12 (11/11/99): Dart Etiquette

Article 13 (02/06/00): Never Give Up, Never Let Up

Article 14 (10/24/00): But That's My Favorite Number

Article 15 (06/05/01): The Trip That Almost Wasn't

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