Dart Throwers Directory

This site is for those people that would like their ICQ #'s and/or email addresses listed for others to locate. This will help throwers find and contact each other. I will only add a person to the list at THEIR request.


ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City Steel/Soft
354861 Rose/Xanadu email Rose Canberra Steel
2922261 Kevin Berlyn email Kevin Melbourne Steel
N/A Steve Duke email Steve Melbourne Steel
14593908 Lindybee email Lindy Melbourne Steel
62032838 David McKay/Rex email David Wollongong Steel


ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City Steel/Soft
N/A Tony Moree email Tony   Steel


ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City Steel/Soft
N/A Wim Nys email Wim Dessel Soft


ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City Steel/Soft
49560279 Rhos Barnes email Rhos Squamish, BC Steel
N/A Bill Brown/Nadine email Bill Morden, Manitoba Steel
N/A Drew Doyle email Drew Sandy Hook, Manitoba Steel
126350440 Matthew Fry email Matthew Charleston, Newfoundland Steel
N/A Chris Johnson/Nazgul email Chris Surrey, BC Steel

Czech Republic

ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City Steel/Soft
N/A Lukas Kucera email Lukas Praha Steel
19099518 Petr Zelenka email Petr Praha Steel


ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City Steel/Soft
N/A Darrell Marie Combs email Darrell Isle of Wight Steel


ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City Steel/Soft
16504163 Peter Lorrig email Peter Köln (Cologne) Soft


ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City Steel/Soft
3251719 DartPlanet Email DartPlanet Hague Steel
9908594 Michael Engering email Michael Hague Steel


ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City Steel/Soft
N/A Wilbert email Wilbert Quezon City Steel


ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City Steel/Soft
   N/A    Jacek Ryll/Rylec email Jacek Krakow Soft


ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City Steel/Soft
42382771 Paulo Heleno email Paulo Leiria Soft


ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City Steel/Soft
19033581 Björn Janheden/Bone email Björn Helsingborg Soft
10874502 Peter Nilsson/Kådden email Peter Hoganas Soft
7662408 Tommy Thawelin/Thawe email Tommy Hörnefors Steel
22875918 Johnny Toms email Johnny Jakobsberg Steel


ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City Steel/Soft
N/A Lars Ekberg email Lars Basle Steel


ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City Steel/Soft
50165014 Emre "The Bull" Toros email Emre    

United States

ICQ # Name/Nickname Email Home City/State Steel/Soft
N/A Debbi Billingsley email Debbi Attalla, Al Soft
12153979 Jennifer VanHorn email Jenn Birmingham, Al Soft
22124076 Jessie Johnson email Jesse Huntsville, Al Both
202313193 Tim Cronian/Crow email Tim Montgomery, Al Both
2906940 Lance Kent/DaDoofus email Lance Montgomery, Al Steel
N/A Alan Michalec email Alan Phoenix, Az Steel
23203860 Blake Gabbard email Blake Hacienda Heights, Ca Soft
214152386 Grant Redal email Grant Auburn, Ca Steel
1631945 James Whitehill email James San Bernardino, Ca Both
N/A Eric & Tonya Hunter email the Hunters Bradenton, Fl Both
9681204 Anna email the Anna Fort Lauderdale, Fl Soft
N/A Tony Brych/Tons email Tony Fort Walton Beach, Fl Steel
N/A Eric Muckensturm email Eric Belleville, Il Both
N/A David O'Brien email David Belleville, Il Both
12356940 Marty Davis/martyd email Marty Chillicothe(Peoria), Il Steel
15449292 Mark Robare/Dartman email Mark Villa Park, Il Steel
982700 Dana Gerth email Dana Bedford, In Both
30683911 Tom Conard email Tom Oxford, In Soft
N/A Donna email Donna Haverhill, Ma Steel
30433168 Peter Cooke email Peter Weymouth, Ma Steel
N/A Robert Bratcher email Robert Maryland Steel
N/A Dave O'Brien email Dave Elkton, Md Both
N/A Mike/Mugs email Mike Gaithersburg, Md Steel
50186287 Rob Asher email Rob Detroit, Mi Steel
16019060 Tammy/Hat Trick email Tammy Butterfield, Mn Soft
26717455 Randy Henry/White Horse email Randy St. Louis, Mo Both
N/A Mark Lacombe email Mark St. Louis, Mo Both
5026342 Jim Moore/Jamtwo email Jim Charlotte, NC Steel
N/A David DeLoach/Roach email David Rocky Mount, NC Steel
N/A Mark Beckett email Mark Charlotte, NC Steel
153907958 Bob Dietz email Bob Pompton Lakes, NJ Steel
12623133 Henry J. Magee email Henry Kearny, NJ Steel
153462 Larry/HogLuvr email Larry North Arlington, NJ Steel
22520875 Thunderstormm email T'storm Ohio Soft
12884570 Bill Lindner/Hattrick email Bill Dayton, Oh Both
857813 Taylor/Monkeyface email Taylor Albany, Or Both
7097898 Patrick Knetzer email Patrick Pittsburgh, PA Soft
N/A Ronald and Diane Reimnitz email Them Mt. Vernon, SD Both
26769213 Jeff Miller email Jeff Summerville, SC Steel
N/A Leslie Ferrill email Leslie Chattanooga, Tn Both
N/A Carl Parsley email Carl Chattanooga, Tn Both
N/A Billy Brink email Billy Ft Worth, Tx Both
N/A Chris Brown/Silk email Chris Round Rock, Tx Steel
N/A Cindy Brown/Rocky email Cindy Round Rock, Tx Steel
N/A Mike Colorado email Mike Lubbock, Tx Steel
1233229 Paul Gilliam / Gill email Gill San Antonio, Tx Steel
AOL IM jault01 Jeff Ault email Jeff Shepherdstown, WV Steel
N/A Rob Soik email Rob Casper, Wy Both

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