Dartboards (Hanging/Maintenance)

Here's the values of those doubles and triples:

Dartboard Graphic

Dartboards are to be hung where the center of the board is 5ft 8in (173 cm) high. I would strongly recommend that you hang it on a backboard, or any other type of backing, to help protect your walls. Four holes in the wall is better than hundreds of little holes. The line, or oche, should be 7ft 9.25in (2.37 meters) from the face of the board measured horizontally (if you want to measure it from the bullseye down to the floor, it is 9ft 7 3/8in).

The only thing you need to do to the dartboard after it is hung, is to rotate it. This will only work if your dartboard has the removable metal ring with the numbers on it. If the numbers are painted on the board, you will not be able to rotate it. Rotating the board will make it last longer. There has been a rumor going around for years that you should spray water on your board. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT spray any types of liquids on a bristle board. It will ruin your board. I have seen some boards that were sprayed, and it isn't a pretty picture. The surface of the board begins to 'bubble' and fall apart.

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