My Dart Heroes

by Irene Goodwin, August 6, 2001

Okay, so I'm a woman, and I'm an okay darter, too. I, a middle aged "gwamma", can compete with the most macho of guys in a game of darts. That's the beauty of this sport. Anyone can play and have a great time and even win with a little bit of luck and some practice.

I did not come to this sport willingly. I kicked and screamed right up to the oche. After all, I did not want to look like a fool in front of a bunch of beer guzzling, scary looking (in Alaska they all look scary) bush bunnies who might give you "the parking lot treatment" if provoked. I played my first pitiful steel tip game of 301 double-in/double-out back in the fall of 1989 at the Palmer Bar in Palmer, Alaska. Needless to say, I lost, but I was hooked. Determined to learn, I have had some very patient teachers and mentors I'd like to thank:

Since picking up that first set of darts, I've also been inspired by disabled (but amazingly accurate) "snivel-free" darters. The way I figure, if these "disabled" darters can play fabulous darts and win or lose with a smile and a high-five, I know I can, too:

Thanks to a great bunch of darters, I've learned that all it takes to be competitive is confidence, stamina, and familiarity of my darts gained from lots of practice; a little bit of courage to face the better players; and a friendly handshake before and after each game.

p.s. PMS powered darts don't hurt a girl's game, either! :-)

Who was that dart-woman?

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