My Dart Room

I get a lot of emails from people asking me about my dart setup here at the house. So here it is.

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(Click on the items in the picture for more information)

Steel-Tip Setup

Here's my steel-tip setup (at least this is the way it looked on 15 Jan, 2000).

Al's American Dartboard

Here's one of the more entertaining and enjoyable boards you can buy, Al's American Dartboards. Click on the board and find out more about it! Below it is a Soft-Tip Out Chart Poster. (I know that if I looked in the closet next to the board, I could probably find 3-4 old beat up bristle boards, I just can't throw anything away!)

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Here is my Pro Competitor Electronic Dartboard and a little extra storage space for my Winmau dartboards, the The Winmau Blade Dartboard and The Winmau Equalizer Board.

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