Darts in the UK

I was going through the messages in the darts newsgroup and ran across one of the best posts that group has seen in a long time (if not ever). I decided I wanted to add it to my site for people to read and emailed the author to get his permission. Donny Joe was gracious enough to let me include this and future articles here.

First, a little about Donny. He's originally from Houston, Texas and has been throwing steel-tip darts for over ten years. He has competed is some of the larger state-side tournaments, playing with the 'big boys', and has had quite a bit of success. His new job has moved him and his family to the United Kingdom which led him to write these articles. I believe you will find them as informative and entertaining as I have.

Darts in the UK - Article I

Darts in the UK - Article II

Darts in the UK - Article III

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