Rotation (Around the Clock)

Here's a game that if you win the cork, your opponent may never throw another dart. Here you throw at the numbers in order (1,2,3,...19,20,B). Once you hit the number you are aiming at, you go to the next number. If you hit the number you are aiming at with your third dart, you then are allowed a new turn and get to proceed aiming at your new number. The only difference is that if you are aiming at the two, and hit a triple two, you get to skip three and four and go straight to five. Likewise, if you hit the double two, you skip the three and proceed to the four. This applies to all numbers except you cannot skip the bull. If you hit the triple nineteen, you can skip the twenty but you still must hit the bull.

Strategy: Real simple, hit triples and don't miss with your third dart.

Other Variations

  1. Doubles Rotation: This is a good game to practice your doubles with. The only difference between this and normal rotation is that only doubles are aimed at and you do not skip any numbers. You start with the double one, then go to the double two, and so on. You also have to hit the double bull to win the game, not a single bull.

  2. Triples Rotation: Same as doubles rotation except you are aiming at triples instead. Some versions have it where you end the game on a double bull. Others have it where you need three or more bulls in one turn to win (the double bull counting as two).

  3. 25: This game was sent to me by Karlheinz Zoechling (click on his name to go to his home page). This is like doubles rotation except for the following. You start with 25 points and throw three darts on the doubles from 1 to 20, and then the last three darts at the bull. If you hit the double, you add the score (if you are on double 6 and hit it twice, you can add 24 points to your score). If you don't hit the double with your three darts you subtract the points of the unhit double (if you are throwing at the double 13, and don't hit it, you subtract 26 points). Either way, you then proceed to the next number on your next turn. If your score falls below 0, you are out of the game. The person with the most points after the bulls, or the last person left in the game is the winner.

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