Each player takes turns throwing three darts and totaling his score. The first player to score 1,000 points is the winner. Beginners many decide to play for smaller total scores, such as 250 or 500.


  1. The player throwing is the pitcher attempting to retire the opposing side without allowing runs. This can best be achieved by carefully pitching at the corners of the plate. Put the pitch over the center of the plate and it's a home run.
  2. Two players or teams can participate. Each team member takes a turn pitching his team's half of an inning.
  3. Each inning is divided into two halves: one for each team. Three outs constitute one-half of an inning. First pitcher is allowed as many pitches as is necessary to get three outs. All runs scored against him are credited to the other team. When he has made three outs the other player pitches his half of the inning.
  4. Usual rules of baseball apply. Three "strikes" for an "out". A "foul ball" counts as a "strike" but not as a third strike. Any pitch that misses the "plate" (target zone) is ruled a "ball". Four balls to a batter constitute a "walk" and the batter is awarded first base.
  5. Runs are scored by players rounding the basses and crossing home plate. Runs must be forced over to score.
  6. At the conclusion of the regulation number of innings, the team with the most runs is the winner.

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