A Dart Game Created by Philip Schaub & Marshall Smith


Based on the game Pool, the play emulates the movement of the balls around a pool table. The object of the game is to sink all of your type of balls.

Basic Play:

Balls are divided into two groups, 1-7 (Solids) and 9-15 (Stripes). Each player is given six darts per turn to try and sink their balls. There are Six pockets located around the board for the balls to be sunk in, they are 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and either the green or red bulls-eyes. For a Ball to be sunk the basic idea is that the ball must first be put in play by hitting the corresponding number and then any pocket.


Scorecard is set up with two lists. One is the solids (1-7) and the second is the stripes (9-15). The 8 ball is placed between the two lists, at the bottom of the card, with a box around it. When a ball is sunk, the corresponding number is crossed off.

Taking a Shot:

To make a shot, you must first put a ball into play. This is done by hitting the corresponding number on the dartboard. Once the ball is in play, there are three basic shots that may be taken in Ports. You can Miss on any ball, get a Scratch, or a Sink.

  1. The Sink
    The Sink will occur in any of the following scenarios in PORTS:
  2. The Miss
  3. The Scratch

Taking Turns:

The first player to sink a ball in a pocket goes first, and that ball counts as their first ball sunk. That player is automatically assigned to the corresponding side of the scorecard (stripes or solids).

The 8-Ball and Ending the Game:

The winner is the first player that sinks all of their balls and the 8-Ball before their opponent.

If a player has sunk all of their balls except the 8-Ball, this is known as "shooting for the 8". If a player is shooting for the 8 and scratches, the game ends. The scratch would occur if a player hits an imaginary ball and then hits a pocket.

If at anytime during the game, the 8-Ball is put into play, and a pocket is hit before the player has sunk all of their other balls, the player automatically loses the game.

If the 8-Ball is in play, and the player has sunk all of their other balls, they must then "call their pocket", or tell their opponent which number pocket they will hit. If a pocket different then the called pocket is hit, then the player automatically loses the game. If the player misses a pocket, goes off the board or uses all of their shots, then their turn ends, but play continues.

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