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How to Run a Dart Ladder

Well, let's see if I can explain this in a matter that everyone will understand. Using a ladder is a popular way for people to compete at their own convenience.

First, make a list of people that would like to participate. After doing this, you can then decide as a group how many weeks that this will run and the number/format of games to be played. Names are then picked at random and placed in the ladder from top-to-bottom, the top being the person in first place. It will look something like this:

1. John Doe
2. Jim Smith
3. Sue Smith

Each week, the person in first will play the person in second, the person in third will play the person in forth and so on. The two participants can play at their own convenience at the location of their choice. The format can vary depending on the games you want to play and the total games to be played. Let's say that it will consist of 5 games of 501 and 6 games of cricket for a total of 11 games.

Each week, everyone reports the number of games that they had won and those points are accumulated and the people in the ladder are then re-ranked by the number of points they have. In case of a tie, the person that was ranked highest the prior week will continue to be ranked higher. This will continue until the last week's matches have been played when a champion will be crowned.

Now, you can do this for fun or for money. The participants can pay a fee up front or even a weekly fee that will go into a pot and will be distributed at the end. How much and how it is distributed should be decided by the group prior to the ladder being drawn up. Ladders just played for fun and bragging rights not only can be more fun, but will most likely involve more people. Let's face it, many people aren't willing to throw away their money if they do not feel like they have a chance to win. But these same people will be more than willing to play for free. Just a thought.

If this didn't make any sense to you and you still have questions, please let me know by sending me an email and I will answer any of the questions you may have and will modify this page so it can be a little clearer.

Triangle Ladder (sent to me by Alex Caemmerer)

This is a ladder with each rung expanding in size as you move down the triangle. The bar actually has a triangle shaped board on the wall with little hooks in it and everyone gets a little piece of wood with a hole in it and their name on it.

The point being that each person gets to challenge anyone on the level immediately above them. So there are two people who can challenge the top guy. There are three people who can challenge either of those two. There are four people who could challenge any of those three. etc.

The result is a relatively stable group of players that has a lot of opportunities to play a variety of opponents and a new player can be in a position to challenge the top guy relatively quickly.

Challenge Ladder

This is yet another type of ladder. It is organized and played the same way with the following exception, players challenge their opponents to a match as opposed to one playing two, three playing four, etc. You can challenge either of the two people immediately above you (the person in 5th place can challenge either the person in 4th or the person in 3rd, nobody else). If you win, you take their position. If you lose, you stay where you are. You do not keep track of the number of wins each player has but all players must play one match/week. Once a player has been challenged, he/she can not challenge anyone else for that week. So it's first come, first serve. Get your challenge in as soon as possible so that you will have a chance to move up, instead of having to play to hold the position you're already holding. This can get a bit confusing and you can alter the rules in any fashion you deem necessary. One way to make this clearer is to let the lowest ranking person challenge first, then continue to work up the ladder until everyone has a match to play.

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