Article 1 - The Age Old Excuse: "I'm not good enough"

So, get good is my response. There is one thing I can suggest on how to do just that. Throw Blind Draws!! They are a lot of fun, and you can win good money (just ask Brad Wethington). Now some people will not throw in them because they always get beat by the "Big Dogs". Or, "I'm afraid that I'll tick my partner off if I miss an out shot". Well if you don't at least try, you will never find out. Most darters that I know will help out beginners. Especially the good ones. If they are paired with you, they want to win money too, so they will not alienate you, or put you down. I started out throwing Luck of the Draws right when I started throwing and there is no feeling like you're first 150 out shot, or high ton. The one thing that always made me nervous were singles tournaments. A place called Flashbacks here in the Dayton area did one every night after the LOTD. I never entered, because of the conception, "why give money away"? But one night I did. My attitude changed after I beat one of the best darters in the Dayton area. I knew he thought it was a fluke...(he said I was throwing unconscious) which was true. But it gave me a huge boost of confidence. At least a big enough boost to win the winners bracket! Now Im sitting there, drinking my beer, trying to figure out what the hell got into me! But I was on cloud nine. Guess who I played for the championship? The first guy I beat. He has to double dip me to take it. We are neck and neck until the final shots. Im left with a 42, and he had a 17. Three darts in my hand... and uh oh, brain fart!!! I can't remember the out shot for 42. Everyone's watching, and I am feeling very stupid. Shane Wiegand is such a good sport, he comes up and whispers, "Trip 14". I let go of my first dart and landed it! He couldn't believe it, but at that point I didn't care. We had a lot of fun. And still, Flashback's will come up in conversations to this day.

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