Article 2 - Why Can't we Just Get Along?

This article is dedicated to two special people that come to Bojangles. They have endured one hell of a lot from darters that have the wrong attitude about the game. I believe that every game should end with a high five or a handshake. At Bojangles, that usually happens. The name of the game is to have fun, not to cause fights. Or talk behind people's backs. Especially if you lose. But, because they are good, they seem to get a bad deal sometimes. They get talked about, and people have tried to start fights with them. All they try to do is try to have fun by throwing darts, and drinking some beer. Now the ones that try to start things with them, I consider to be sore losers.

If any of you darters have attitudes that are bad, then please, do us all a favor, get out of the game! I don't want you there, and I believe most darters wouldn't want you there either. There is no room for poor sportsmanship in darts. If you're a better darter, encourage... don't belittle. If you win a match, congratulate the other team for throwing well also, don't gloat. I believe what comes around, goes around. I remember when I first started throwing, a few (not many) would hustle money from me, and would laugh at me for trying. That's fine. That's part of "paying the dues". But, that was 4 years ago. I don't forget easily. Recently, I have been coming back to these very few people, and slowly getting my money back. And I always high five the thrower that victimized me a few years ago. Do I gloat a little inside? Yes, I must admit it is a good feeling to get revenge. But I will not rub it in their face like they did to me.

Jeff & Eileen, this article was dedicated to you. Keep the chins up, keep throwing, and ignore the jerks that have no business throwing darts

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