Article 3 - How to throw with someone you're involved with?

Good question? I hope someone has the answer because this one has puzzled me for a long time. Let's face it, darts are fun, but the competition is great. I know for me, I love a good close game. But throwing with someone that you're involved with can be very tricky.

The thing that is funny, with regular partners, well... you can generally abuse them! LOL... just kidding. Actually, what I mean is that should they make a dumb shot or miss a very easy one, you can raz em a little. If you do that with your spouse or serious boyfriend/girlfriend, you can possibly find yourself on the couch for the rest of the night. Of course, that would depend on a lot of factors. I'm going to give my best shot at explaining some of those factors.

I have always had a general rule of never throwing with someone I'm involved with. Two reasons... if it ends... you're stuck without a dart partner. The second is what I will name... THE COUCH FACTOR! Well, I have broke down, and started to throw with the person that I love. She is starting out in dart leagues this year, and has done a great job so far. And I am very proud of her. She can kick some ass on trip 20's! Believe me, she's kicked my butt in a couple cricket games by getting a good start on those. But league is going to be different. If she misses a shot, I won't get upset with her for missing. But, I will be upset for her. Big difference with what I said. I am thrilled to death for her when she makes a great shot, so of course I'm going to be disappointed for her if she misses. The last thing I would ever want to do is ever hurt her feelings, so I try not to say anything. Now, if it was my partner on Tuesday's, Joe Mize, I could call him a dumb ass or, "my back is killing me from carrying you", just because we know we are kidding (and he would say the same to me in a second). Darts are supposed to be fun and competitive, but make sure there is a line drawn between the two. Make sure you are having more fun, especially if you throw with a loved one. The competition part will eventually come with time. I'm sure one day will come when she says, "Bill, if you don't hit that bullseye, you're on the couch tonight". LOL

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