Proud of Your Partner?

If you remember, I wrote an article a few months ago about throwing you're a loved one. I think I'm going to retract that article. *smile* Right now, me and my girlfriend are well into the season, and have not lost a match yet. I am sure we will lose eventually (I hope not) but I'm sure it will happen. Everyone loses consistency once in awhile. But we are having a blast so far... I get a nice kiss for every ton I hit... Can't wait to see the motivation for hattricks J But, enough about my throwing... I am more impressed with my girlfriend, Missy. She came into the season throwing a 13.8 PPD. She has jumped to a 15.7, one of the tops in the league. Almost a full 2 point jump for what will be her first full season in a league amazes me. And she is only going to improve. (She'll probably be beating me consistently by the end of the season if she keeps this up)

I guess as far as the retraction, I guess I was worried about arguing during league play. But then I realized, everywhere else, she can be the boss... as far as dart league, whoever happens to be the captain is the boss. (Yeah, like that will really happen, she has the dart card already *smile* ) But we haven't argued and I am honored to be throwing with her!

Missy Feltz, you are throwing great!!! Keep up the good work.

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