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Note from Crow: LowBall (Bill) is a dart thrower in Ohio. He asked me if I'd be willing to post a page for him to write articles for, so here it is. Enjoy!!

Doesn't Lowball say it right off the bat? It's my adopted dart nickname that several dart friends have given me. I have been throwing for about 4 years now, and I hope that one day I will actually get good at it. But whether I'm good or bad, pro or amateur, one thing always is consistent, I have fun! I have learned the hard way, that getting mad about a missed shot helps no one, except maybe the other team. So, what? I missed the shot. I get my darts and come back with a smile. Letting the other team know you're pissed just gives them more confidence. I compare it to just giving the game away on a silver platter. In addition, anger will bring down your own team. If I know a teammate is upset, I get stressed. In turn, when I go to the line...not only do I have to try to get back in the game, but I also have to deal with whether or not my teammate will be angered if I miss, etc. etc. etc.

My league is Gem Music & Vending in Dayton, Ohio... needless to say, there is a lot of good competition here. So, I try my hardest not to give the game away. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not, but I'm still having fun, and the game always ends with a High-Five.

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Article 5 - Proud of Your Partner?

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