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The American Dart Revolution

by Fred Holmes

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Now all the electronic dart throwers have a book that is specifically written for them. It does a very good job of explaining the sport and it also covers the how toos when it comes to the art of throwing a dart. It explains the different games and goes into the strategies you should use.


  1. To start off with, it is very well written. It is easy to understand and is loaded with lots of graphics.
  2. The author covers all of the games that the different manufacturers offer, not just the games offered by only one (Arachnid, Medalist, Merit & Valley).
  3. Home electronic boards are also covered.
  4. It gives the formula used to calculate a players SPRE rating.
  5. Has a chapter on handicapping, seeding & flighting (common questions that many throwers have).
  6. As with all the steel-tip books, it comes with an out chart (actually it comes with two, one for doubling out and the other for straight out).
  7. Unlike some books that just give the rules to games, this one actually shows the game being played with shots of the screen after each turn. While doing this, the author explains the strategies for the games. I believe this is an extremely useful for new throwers.


  1. Unlike steel-tip darts, electronic darts are always evolving. Some of machines that are played on today were not in existence when this book was written.
  2. This book is geared to the new thrower. If you've been throwing in a league for a few seasons there isn't much for you to learn here.

Recommendation: If you're new to the sport, buy the book. It will make you feel more comfortable when you go out in public to throw if you already have an idea what it is you're doing. You won't be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you've been throwing electronic darts competitively (i.e.. league or tournaments) for quite awhile, you probably won't learn much from it. But it's nice to have around for those players new to the sport to read. :-)

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