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(No longer in Production)

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This dartboard is made of wood and weighs a little less than 10 pounds. One of the first things you will notice when you look at the board is that it does not have a triple ring and has two bullseyes (one in the middle of the board and the other outside of the playing area). It does have an outer ring that does count as a double. There is a board on each side. With each board comes two sets of handcrafted wood tournament darts with turkey feather flights. You can not throw your favorite 26 gram steel-tip dart at this board, you would simply tear the board up. I'm not sure how much they weigh, but it's not much less than a soft-tip dart. They are heavier than they look! You also can be more creative with the games you play since you do have that second bull just to the right of the six. Also, though you can't see them in the picture above, each scoring area is separated by a very thin but strong wire separator that is actually imbedded into the board 3/16 of an inch as opposed to being attached to the outer part of the board virtually eliminating bounce-outs (none have bounced out on me at least, but I guess nothing is impossible).

Pros: Contrary to what I thought when I bought it, this board is extremely durable. We've played on it for many, many hours and it is still in excellent shape. And even when one side finally wears down, all you have to do is flip it over and you have a new board all over again. I suspect I'll be buying a new bristle board long before I have to flip this board over and that's taking in consideration that I throw equally on both boards. Bounce-outs are no longer a problem and each section of the board is clearly marked. But the one thing I like the best about it, as strange as this might sound, is the sound that's made when the dart hits the board. It's 'pure' for no other way to describe it. The sound is the first thing people talk about after they hear the first dart land. You'll just have to check it out yourself.

Cons: You can't, or at least shouldn't, throw your normal steel-tip darts at it. The boards durable, but not durable to handle your 26 gram hammerheads for very long. Also, there are no triples for those of you that like to hit triples (though this, I believe, puts throwers on a more even playing field).

Recommendation:It's a couple more dollars than an average bristle board, but technically, you're getting two boards for the price of one. And you'll be replacing your bristle board long before you'll replace this board.

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Dart Games

Below is the list of dart games that comes with the board:

High Score

The game consists of 5 innings, each player throws 3 darts each inning. The player with the highest total wins. Darts thrown in small spaces count double, long spaces count single, bulls-eye counts 50. In case of tie, 3 highest darts wins.


Each number on the board from 1 to 9 represents an inning. Each player throws 3 darts each inning. The player with the highest total wins. Each dart thrown in the long space counts 1 run, in the small space 2 runs. No dart counts in the bullseye. For tie game, play extra innings.

Game 45

Players entitled to 3 darts. Number selected are 5, 10, 15, 20 and bullseye. For example, player's dart hits number 5 in the long space, their score is 1. Should they hit the same number in the small space, their score would be 2. 10 in the long space counts 2, 10 in the small space counts 4. 20 in the small space counts 8. Bullseye counts 10. Player scoring 45 points first wins. Following players have equal number of darts to tie or win by doing it in the least number of darts.

Game 201

This game consists of 201 points. The player subtracting their score each inning from the total starting with 201 if 2 people are playing. If 4 persons or more are in partners, the total is 301. Any player who goes over 201 or 301, with any of the last 3 darts loses the score they have made in that play and must await their next turn if any. For example: If a player needs 35 and their first dart hits 20 and their second darts hits 16, their turn is over and must await their next turn. If a player needs 35 and they get it in 3 darts or less, they win unless players after him gets needed points in less number of darts. Example: First persons uses 3 darts to end game and the second person only uses 2 darts, the second person is the winner. In case of ties, highest score wins using 3 darts each. Darts thrown in long spaces count single, small spaces count double. Bullseye count 50.

Our Variation: To make things more interesting, the bullseye at the center of the board is only worth 25 points, the outer bullseye is worth 50 points.


This game requires 2 or more players. Each player gets one dart to shoot at the number they would like to be. Nobody can have the same number. Once the numbers are selected, the one with the lowest starts the game. Three darts are allowed per turn. The object is to accumulate 5 points in your number to become a killer (like baseball the outer part is worth 2, the inner 1). As killer you can shoot other player's numbers. When they are knocked down to zero, they are out. The last survivor wins.

Our variation: All throwers have to throw opposite handed to determine what number will be that player's. Also, you have to take someone down to -1 as opposed to 0 to knock them out of the game.

Around the World

Each player receives 3 tries to hit the number they are shooting. Start at 1 and go to 20. If you hit the outer part of the number you move up 2 numbers, if you hit the inner you move up 1. The first person to reach and hit 20 wins. There are many variations to this game. Players may want to require the cork to be hit before you are allowed to shoot at the 1. They may allow you to get your three darts back if the number being shot at is hit with the last dart. Also, instead of ending on the 20 it may be suggested to hit the inside then outside corks. Any variations should be discussed before the game starts and based on the skill level of the players.

Our variation: If you hit the number you are aiming at with your first two darts you then have the option of shooting at the outer bullseye. If you hit it, you move up five numbers on your next shot. But, if you miss it, you have to move back three numbers. For example: You aim at and hit the 6 with your first dart and the 7 with your second dart. If you go for the outer bullseye with your third dart and hit it, you then move to 12. If you miss it you fall back to 4. Is it worth it??

Across the Board

This is a game that was sent to me from Al's by Jim, here are the rules: "Consists of 6 innings ,,,, each player shoots 3 darts at the double 11,single 11 ,center cork , single 6 , double 6, and finally side cork... player with highest score wins, doubles count for doubles singles count for singles and corks count for one , (but you can change corks to anything you want) ............another way to do this is each player gets 3 darts per inning the FIRST player that scores one dart in each of the six segments and gets across the board first is the winner. these are not involved or intricate games so they can be played for fun at home or at the tavern for drinks!!!" Thanks Jim!

As we throw on this board more, and come up with new games, I will be posting them on this page.

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