Assault Force Bolt-Action Darts

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This is a new dart brought to you from Dart Team Inc. The first thing you'll notice is the case, it's just a little larger than a cigarette pack (100's of course). Perfect if you just want to put the case in your shirt pocket while you are throwing. The next thing you'll notice is that the points, at least on the outside, look like HammerHead darts. These darts come with case, 2 sets of flights (camouflaged flights which I thought was cool since I am in the USAF), shafts and a dart wrench.


  1. The points look like HammerHeads until you remove them from the dart, then you'll notice the difference. HammerHead collars come in four sections (or clips). They tended to break (at least for me) quite a bit and I was always having to replace them. The collar for these darts is one solid piece which is much sturdier and will last longer if not indefinately.
  2. The barrels are heavily knurled for a good grip (I like knurling) and are constructed of 90% Tungsten.
  3. I love the dart case (even though you will have to take the flights off of your darts when you store them). It's small enough to easily fit into your shirt or pants pocket. No leaving it sitting on a table for someone else to walk off with. It doesn't hold a whole lot of "parts", but enough for your match for the evening.


  1. Dart Team Inc. is a new company at the time of this writing so there isn't a large variety of barrels to choose from. This I'm sure will change as they grow.
  2. What can I say, I'm spoiled. I've been throwing with 95% Tungsten darts so long that these darts seem too wide. In reality, they're no wider than any other 90% or less Tungsten darts.

Recommendation: If you're looking for a movable point dart, you'll definitely want to check these out. A number of different throwers here at the house have used them and I have yet to hear a negative comment.

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