Bullseye - "Kingpin and Dodgeball collide on a Dart Board"

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What more needs to be said than we FINALLY have a movie about darts? It's cleverly done with a sense of humor that I can truly appreciate. This is what movies should be, entertaining!


  1. It's a movie about darts! The only one I'm aware of and I've looked.
  2. It made me laugh unlike "most" modern comedies. New comedies are geared towards teenage boys, a category I have not been in for more years than I'm willing to divulge at this time.
  3. There is a section of the movie that does a very nice job of explaining the rules of cricket, great for newbies. They almost cut it from the movie, fortunately they changed their minds.
  4. Even though the movie was filmed for less than the price of a good car ($8,000), the script is clever (lot's of movie references, some "creative" names and appropriate selection of flights) and the acting is much better than what I was expecting.
  5. It comes with more extras than some of the high budget dvds I've recently purchased; an entertaining and educational director's commentary track and making of featurette, outakes/bloopers and deleted scenes. Even though they obviously had to work hard putting this together, you can tell they also had a lot of fun and it shows.
  6. An excellent soundtrack of music that I'm fairly certain you will hear for the first time.


  1. If you're a card-carrying member of the Politically Correct Club, you will find parts of this movie offensive. Get over it.
  2. This isn't a big budget movie. If you expect tons of special effects (though there is one neat scene with a thrown dart) with lot's of green screen technology like "Star Wars" or "Lord of the Rings" you need to reread the section above.


  1. You'll have to decide whether this is a pro or a con, there is no graphic violence or nudity in this film. You won't see anything that you wouldn't see at an average dart tournament (so yes, there's a little foul language and a "finger" or two). Having said that, there are a lot of lovely ladies throughout. If you're looking for the guys, you'll have to judge for yourself. :-)

Recommendation: If you're a dart thrower and own a DVD player, this is a no brainer. Invite some friends over, throw darts for a couple of hours, then sit down with a cold one and enjoy the movie. See how many characters that are portrayed that you can recognize as people you've thrown against in the past, there are many. And, with any luck, this might encourage them to do more movies! Oh, and by the way Scott, this IS a sport's movie!

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