Bottelsen HammerHead MP Darts
Laserdart Black Widow/Eagle MP Darts

Note: I am only discussing the movable point darts these two companies offer, not their fixed-point counterparts.

Which movable point dart is better? This has been an ongoing debate between throwers for a number of years now. I threw with HammerHeads for the better part of 12 years and am now throwing with Black Widows/Eagles. So I figured it was time for me to add my two cents worth and see if I couldn't get something stirred up. :-)

Cost: This, for the longest time, was why I stuck with HammerHeads. Until recently, it was hard to find Black Widows for under $160 and I never thought I'd spend that much for a set of darts (and even when I thought about it, my lovely wife was always there to assure me that they really did cost too much). Now, with a few searches on the Internet, you can regularly find them for around $125, sometimes lower. HammerHeads, for the most part, start at around $60 and can go as high as $170, depending on your tastes. Now having said this, you have to take one thing into consideration, Black Widow/Eagles are 95% Tungsten. HammerHeads with the same percentage are around the same price or more. The less expensive hammerheads are 90% tungsten or less. (the more tungsten, the smaller the dart/weight)

Bottelsen MP HammerHeads:

Laserdart MP Black Widow/Eagles:

(for a more detailed review on the Black Widows, click Here)

Recommendation: They are both very good darts, I just believe the Black Widows/Eagles are better. Are they worth the extra money, I think so but only if you already know the weight and knurling of dart that suits your throwing style. I wouldn't go out and spend a lot of money on a set of darts when you don't already know what you like best. Just because a dart costs more doesn't mean you're going to throw better with it.

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