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This is easily one of the largest dart cases on the market. It has room for everything you could possibly need for any tournament or league match. Fortunately it comes with a shoulder strap because by the time you get everything in it, it weighs a ton.


  1. Can easily carry a dozen sets of darts. I know, why would you need to have more than one set? In my case are my and my wife's soft and steel-tip darts, 3 extra sets of steel and 3 extra sets of soft-tip darts for a total of 10 sets of darts. The reason I carry the extra sets is so if someone new shows up for one of our tournaments and they do not own darts, I've always have a spare set they can use.
  2. It comes with two plastic containers for easy storage. One has six dividers to keep things "organized". Very handy for soft-tip points, extra shafts, flight protectors, dart tools/sharpeners, etc.
  3. It has convenient sleeves on the inside of the lid to store flights. This is nice when you have to replace a flight in the middle of a match. You don't have to mess with a plastic bag, they're right there for you to get to.
  4. It also comes with 3 transparent tubes that sit in the top of the case. One is for holding quarters (will hold $20 worth), the other is for whatever you'd like to store in them. Most people put their soft-tip points or shafts in them.
  5. Room to store 2 sets of darts in the top without having to remove their flights.
  6. It has an outside pocket with zipper on the back of the case that's large enough to hold any number of items (money, bottle huggy, cigarettes, ink pens, etc.).
  7. Very solid construction.
  8. Last, but not least, it comes in black. All I need now is to get a white '3' painted on top (if you're not a NASCAR fan, this won't make any sense).


  1. If you don't like "I really like your purse" comments, this isn't for you. (this only applies to the guys)
  2. They're not cheap. One of these cases will easily run over $60. I've seen them sold for as much as $90.
  3. You'll want to make sure that you or someone else keeps an eye on it. I would hate to have someone walk off with mine while nobody was looking, it would be an expensive loss to say the least. For large tournaments I leave the big case in the hotel room/car and load what I need into a smaller case. Less tempting for thieves, and unfortunately, there are people in the crowd that will rob you blind when you're not looking.

Recommendation: This is a great case for couples that both throw, especially if you're involved in steel and soft-tip darts. It carries everything my wife and I could possibly need for a three day dart tournament. But, if you only own 1-2 sets of darts, this is more case than you would ever need. You can get cases for less than 1/2 the price that would serve your purposes better.

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