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A Comprehensive Study of the Game of Darts

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The title really does say it all, this book is a comprehensive study of the game. It's not a self-help "Here's what you throw at when....." type of book. No, it's more along the line of an encyclopedic style of book that goes into great detail about the sport and especially it's components. It is loaded with graphics for those that like 'visual aids'. The book is over 120 page and some of the things it covers includes:


  1. If you want a reference book on darts especially when it comes to the specific details of all it's parts and how they come together, this is it.
  2. I like the way it explained the aerodynamics of a dart and how different shafts/flights would effect it.
  3. Lots of illustrations!


  1. A little tedious to read (then again the author does warn the reader right at the beginning that the book makes for some "pretty dry reading").
  2. It does give the rules to 15 different games but I wasn't impressed with how they were explained. They could have spent extra effort giving the reader some simple examples.
  3. No game strategies.


Buy it if you're hunting for an outstanding source describing in detail the 'nuts-n-bolts' of darts. If you collect dart books (like me), this is one you'll have to buy.

Don't buy it if you're hunting for a book explaining game strategies. It will explain how to throw, stand, grip the dart, etc. It will not explain what to throw at and why in any given scenario/game. If you're new to the game and just want to learn the basics, this book will be overwhelming. Try out "The ADO Book of Darts" first then come to this later.

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