Dart Cases

Leather Fold-Up Cases

Pros: Very compact. They sometimes come with your new darts.

Cons: You have to assemble/disassemble your darts (this will greatly decrease the life-span of your flight). Also, they will only hold one set of darts and very little in the way of extra dart parts (flights, shafts, sharpeners, business cards, dart tools, flight protectors, quarters, soft and steel tips, etc.).

Single-set Wooden/Plastic Case

Pros: Your darts will fit without having to disassemble. Compact enough to fit in your back pocket.

Cons: They will only hold one set of darts and very little in the way of extra dart parts (see list above).

Multi-set Carrying Case

Pros: Carry multiple sets of darts and all the supplies you would need for a long weekend tournament.

Cons: You have to carry it around with you at all times. Will not fit in your pocket and you don't want to leave it lying around unattended for very long (they have a nasty habit of growing legs and walking off).

Recommendation: Personally, I wouldn't even bother with the leather cases. You'll go through flights like crazy, especially if you use flight protectors. Now you simply have to decide from the last two. If you only own and use one set of darts and don't carry much extra supplies, then find a single-set case you like. If, like me, you own more than one set of darts and you're married to someone that has his/her own set, then the Multi-set case is the only way to go. I have everything I could possibly need for a lengthy tournament. I just leave it setting under the wife's purse while I'm throwing, nobody would dare touch that (like they would possess the strength necessary to lift her purse!).

Honey, if you're reading this, I'm just kidding!! Your purse doesn't weigh THAT much!! Really!! ;-)

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