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Not many ways to describe this product other than it is a vinyl mat that you lay on the floor in front of your steel-tip or soft-tip dart board.


  1. If you do not have carpet on your floor, this will help protect both your floor and your dart points.
  2. It has a two dart out chart printed on it.
  3. Has lines measured out for both steel-tip and soft-tip boards. No more need to put tape on your floor.


  1. It comes shipped rolled up with the top of the mat rolled on the inside. This causes the mat not to lie flat on the floor. I had to tape down the corners so it would lay flat. If you do order one, ask the supplier if he/she would roll the mat up the other way before they ship it. This should help it lay flat on the floor when you receive it.
  2. It's a little 'pricey'. This mat, and ones like it, can range from $50-$100 each.

If you have a hard hard floor and throw steel tip darts, this will protect both and makes this a worthwhile investment. If you have an electronic machine, you really don't need to spend the money on this unless you have something like hard wood floors (let's face it, you can buy a lot of out charts for the cost of one mat).

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