The Winmau Equalizer Board

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Here's an attempt to by Winmau to help level the playing field between players with different skill levels. Along with the normal double and triple rings, there is a smaller ring right below it (1/2 the normal width). The idea is that the better players will have to hit the smaller target to score a double/triple, average players will have to hit the normal double/triple and the beginner thrower could hit either for it to count.


  1. This does make for more competitive games when you have throwers of different skill levels over to throw. The alternative is spotting people points/marks to even the playing field.
  2. It makes many of the multi-player games like Big-Little a lot more fun to play because of the extra targets.
  3. Though it does have extra wires, the ones on the outside of the 'professiona' doubles and triples are embedded into the board reducing the possibilities of bounce-outs.
  4. For you soft-tip throwers out there, all you need is a pair of wire cutters and you can remove the middle wire from the double/triple ring(s). This would then give you a bristle board with the same size doubles/triples of a soft-tip machine for less that 1/2 the price.
  5. They aren't much more expensive than a regulation board.


  1. The Professional doubles/triples are inside of where they would be on a normal board (ie. you hit that area on a regulation board and you would only hit a single of that number).
  2. More wires. Yes, the new wires are embedded, they're still there to hit.
  3. It just looks strange when you're throwing at it. I realize this isn't much, but it's still there.

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