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Arachnid EScorer

Game list:

Operating Instructions: ESCORER-INT.pdf.


  1. Each game has multiple options and difficulty levels.
  2. You can play against the computer. You can even have a computer opponent with multiple throwers (if there are three of you throwing, you can have the computer play as a forth person).
  3. You can set the computer opponent at one of six different skill levels, from novice to pro.
  4. It can score up to eight different players.
  5. You can set up the '01 games as single in/single out, double in/double out, single in/double out, double in/single out, single in/expert out or double in/expert out (expert out means you can win on a double, triple or double bullseye to reach zero).
  6. There are a total of 24 games and 132 different options to play them.
  7. It does all the scoring for you and you no longer need to buy chalk/markers.
  8. It does have volume control. If you tire of listening to it, you can turn it off.
  9. It's not that expensive, it sells for under $90. It's much cheaper and has more options than the DartMaster III.
  10. Easy to use and simply plugs into the wall (you can use batteries if you choose).


  1. If you have wild throwers at your place, you'll want to hang this a little distance away from the board. The plastic will not hold up long against steel-tipped darts.

Recommendation: If you're tired of keeping your own score and are hunting for a computer opponent to play when you're practicing alone, this is perfect for your dart setup and it won't break your bank account.

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