The Four Wire Shaft

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This use to be the shaft of choice for me, but I have had to change when I started throwing with Black Eagles (due to their construction, you can not use shafts with metal threads). They are a little more expensive that some shafts but their longevity makes it more than worthwhile.

Pros: They do not bend or break as easily as aluminum or plastic shafts. If you throw a lot of robin hoods (sticking one dart into the back of another one) then these shafts are for you. Also, if you partake in alcoholic beverages while you throw, it's much easier to put flights back into these after you've been 'throwing' for awhile.

Cons: I don't like using them with light darts. If you throw soft-tip darts, you really don't need to spend the extra money (you won't have to worry about robin hoods).

Recommendation: If you throw tight patterns with steel-tip darts, they are more than worth it. If you only throw soft-tip darts, why spend the extra money? A set of aluminum shafts will last a long time on a set of soft-tip darts.

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