Pocket Gram Scale

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Pocket Gram Scale

Yes, you can buy a scale to use to weigh your darts (claims to be accurate to one gram). I have weighed six of the sets of darts that I've purchased and it is quite accurate.


  1. If you're a soft-tip thrower, it can quickly end those "your darts are too heavy" discussions. Now, it can't be used as an 'official' scale, the tournament directors normally provide that, but it can save a trip to the main table to have them weighed.
  2. If someone's trying to sell you a set of used darts, you now know how much they weigh as opposed to how much the seller says they weigh.
  3. It is small! By the time you fold it up, it hardly takes any space at all.
  4. If you like gadgets like I do, how can you pass this up? It only runs around $5.


  1. Let's face it, it's not something you will need to use on a daily basis.

Recommendation: If you do not throw soft-tip darts, you're probably wondering why anyone would carry this around with them. Soft-tip darts have a 16-18 gram weight limit. It is not uncommon to hear the proverbial "Your darts feel like they weigh too much!" at soft-tip tournaments. This helps to quickly resolve the situation without it elevating to a major 'discussion'. And, like I mentioned above, it comes in handy if you decide to buy a set of darts and am unsure of their weight. it's inexpensive and takes up very little room.

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