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Paul Lim VHS Tape Cover

This video is broken into four main topics:

  1. History of the Game
  2. Components of the Game (The Dart & the Board)
  3. The 'Throw'
  4. Rotation Dart Game


  1. A brief but interesting explanation of the history of darts.
  2. Goes into great detail about darts and the different components of darts (shafts, flights, points, etc.).
  3. It covers both steel-tip and soft-tip darts.
  4. Explains the different types of boards, how to maintain and hang them, the different scoring areas.
  5. Does a good job explaining the different components involved in a dart throw including the stance and grip.


  1. Can be boring to the 'experienced' thrower.

Recommendation: If you're new to the game, this is a great instructional video. If you've been throwing for a long time, you will probably learn little if anything from this tape. There is suppose to be a series of new videos coming out. The next one will cover 'Competitive Darts' including Cricket, '01, Strategies and the Secrets of Winning. If you already have the basics down, you might want to wait until this video is released. Or, if you're like me, you'll buy it anyway just because it is dart related. :-)

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