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The magnetic spinning top shaft is another of a long line of shafts that are designed for the flight to spin. The difference between this one and most of the others is that not only will the flight spin out of the way in those tight groups, but it will also pop out if it hits the back of another dart. This will help cut down on the severity of deflections and number of bounce outs. The shaft consists of two pieces, the metal shaft that screws into the dart and the metal piece that holds the flight. The latter of which just slides into the first and is held in with a magnetic force (hence the name).


  1. They do what they are designed to do. The flights will spin out of the way or pop out all together. You can purchase the parts that hold the flight separately should you need to replace them.
  2. The magnet pulls the spinning section that holds the flight tight against the shaft eliminating the annoying rattle noise found in many other spinning shafts. (emailed to me by Ton Eighty)

Cons: Price. Your initial investment for the shafts will be around $10. After saying that, you should never have to replace the shaft portion and you can buy the part that hold the flight for about the same price as a new set of normal shafts.

Recommendation: If you throw a lot of tight groupings, you may want to give these a try. They are more durable than most of the other spinning-type shafts. If you are just starting or do not throw tight groups, why spend the extra money. They're not going to help you throw better.

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Visitor Feedback:

I use these shafts on my best darts. I have had some problems with the plastic collar chipping, but it hasn't affected the shaft's performance. I have found that later copies of these shafts have a problem with the flight holder, Namely, they break apart. I guess the company that manufactures them wasn't getting enough follow-up business or they changed their production methods. My original sets (I have three original sets) have never broken, but I have yet to hear of anyone buying a set that didn't have at least one flight holder come apart on them.

by D.J. McBride

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I recently purchased a set of magnetic shafts and wanted to share my impression since we had discussed them last week. I had mentioned that the added weight of the shaft might alter the balance of the dart, and you had said you might add that point to the review. I thought I'd share my experience.

The shafts did alter the balance of my dart. However, it is not the added weight, but rather the odd distribution of weight in the shaft (the magnet is at the end) that alters the balance. I throw a 23 gram dart, but it felt more like a 25 once I put on the shaft. This is not, by itself, a problem, but my throws landed with the end of the dart facing downward, sort of being pulled down by the weight of the magnet. This could theoretically be minimized by going with a larger flight (I use teardrops). Also, I am short so my throws tend to have a bit more arc to them, especially when throwing at the top of the board. The weight of the magnet in the back of the dart really pulls my dart down. For someone who is taller with a very firm throw, the added weight may make little or no difference. Also, I use medium shafts. I think the effect of the magnetic shaft would be less in a short shaft since the weight would be closer to the barrel.

by Scott Rex

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Hi Tim,

Here is my opinion of the Magnetic Spinning Shaft System.

I got the Magna Darts just after they came out, they have the magnetic spinning tops. I love the darts! I have excellent control of them, and because of the raised rings on the barrel I know exactly where to grip them every time. The problem that I had with them wasn't the barrel or the spinning top, it was the small black plastic insert between the barrel and the top. When these darts landed on a hard surface floor,(like tile or concrete), this plastic insert would chip or completely shatter. This started happening the first or second night I threw with them. Generally replacement parts are not a problem, but these were. Nobody had them in stock! I went back to the store where I bought them,(150 miles away), and they took inserts out of Magna darts that they had in stock so I could use my darts again, but that was only enough for a few weeks. They then ordered a bunch more to have in stock. The weight of the dart is a 16 gram.

I did try the Magnetic Shaft on a regular set of darts and the same thing happened with the plastic insert. These were also 16 gram darts.

Thanks, Tammy

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