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Accudart Penetrator GF Darts

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written by: Larry Maleszewski

The Accudart Penetrator is not a new dart to the Accudart line, but one recently introduced to me. These darts do not have 'steel' points, but are intended for use on bristle boards and steel tip play. The points are made of a composite material which Accudart refers to as G-Flex. It would be fair to say that the material resembles carbon fiber. You can actually see the weave of the material if you look closely. The barrels are 90% tungsten. The points spin in the barrels, allowing the flight to move out of the path of incoming darts. However, the point does not move in/out as a Hammerhead or Powerpoint. These are sold as 'no bounce' darts, and they do just that, virtual no bounce. The way it works is that the material deforms/chips when it comes in contact with an obstacle, such as a wire. This action allows the dart to continue travelling into the scoring area, rather than to the floor. Points can actually split on the wires, resulting in the point resting in two scoring areas. The rule is that the higher scoring area counts. (I've been told that this is the rule per the ADO.)

Cost: Around $100 depending on you vendor. Have seen $80 on the internet. Replacement points, you WILL NEED them. $5 for three. Steel practice points are available & highly recommended at about $7/3 points.

  1. These darts rarely, if ever bounce out. In fact, they grip the board very well, sometimes too well.
  2. Available in multiple styles and weights.
  3. Come as a complete kit with case, point wrench and sharpening stone. The stone has a sharper angle than your basic dart sharpener.
  4. Steel practice points are available to save the strain on your wallet.
  5. A point can easily be changed between turns at the board. The point wrench is not needed, since the collars don't loosen up during play if applied 'finger tight'.

  1. You absolutely must carry extra points. They do wear quickly, especially after a few collisions with wires.
  2. Points need to be sharpened/shaped frequently. Blunt points will trash a board by crushing the fibers.
  3. Using a regular sharpener does not always leave a, sharp enough, angle on the points. There are some out there that are suitable. You will need to hunt, so don't lose the one provided.
  4. Replacement points can get expensive & can be hard to find if not at your local source.
  5. If the board you're using is worn out, the darts WILL BOUNCE!

Recommendation: If you're serious about scoring more, by bouncing less, buy these darts.

Overall: Going through replacement points can get expensive. The steel practice points are a must. These darts DO NOT stick well in worn out boards. They absolutely WILL BOUNCE if the board is seriously worn. My practice boards have little or no bulls left in them, so the G Flex points are useless with them. As long as the place you're playing has a board in good shape, you'll have no bounce out problems. Seriously, I shot with these for about 45 minutes before I decided to buy them. In that time, not a single bounce out. I used them in a weekend long tournament, again, no bounce outs.

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