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Accudart Penetrator GF Darts

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After you read this, I would suggest you read the review by Larry Maleszewski that's also on this site. At the time of this writing, I've had these darts for a month while he has had them longer. I thought about merging the two reviews, but they had different observations as you'll always get with different people. I guess the bottom line is that after all is said and done, our overall feelings about these darts are the same (great minds think alike eh Larry?). :-)

These darts come in a nice case that includes a sharpening stone, point removal/tightening tool and an extra set of points. They are constructed of 90% Tungsten and come with points that are constructed of "G-Flex™ energy-absorbing engineering composite".


  1. They have a very nice grip and are well-balanced.
  2. I've yet to have one bounce out of the board while using the "composite" points. After about 10 hours of use or so, I did split one point on a wire. It is recommended that you use the composite point during league/tournament play and order a set of steel points for the times you're practicing.
  3. It's a nice cross between those of you that like fixed point darts and those that like movable points. The points do screw into the dart but they do not move in-and-out. Instead, they move a little side to side after the dart hits the board (ie. it wobbles a little like a soft-tip dart would). This can be distracting for the first few throws, but after that you really don't notice it anymore. Unlike a fixed-point dart, it gives some when it does contact a wire which I think is one of the reasons they don't bounce out as often as the typical fixed-point dart.
  4. They're made of 90% tungsten. A nice percentage for those of you that don't like the smaller 95% tungsten darts and they aren't nearly as expensive. Their suggested retail is around $90-100 at the time of this writing, 95's normally start around $150+.
  5. If you need to replace your points, they just screw in & out. You don't have to take them to your local dart shop to have them replaced like you do with fixed-point darts (unless you have the tools/know-how at home).
  6. In the short time I've had them, two other throwers that stop by the house have made offers for them so you don't just have to take my word for it. :-)


  1. As I mentioned above, they "wobble" when they land in the board with the composite points. If this is something that you just can't live with then these darts aren't for you.
  2. The steel-tip replacement points rattle. If you grip the dart like I do with one finger on the point, you will not notice this. If you grip the dart strictly by the barrel, then it will be quite annoying. You can always slip a washer inside of the barrel to stop it from rattling.

Recommendation: This is a good dart. I would strongly suggest that you pick up a set of steel replacement points with them for practice, the composite points should be saved for when it counts most (league/tournaments). This is a very nice dart that gives the benefits of both fixed and moveable-point darts at a price that is competitive with fixed-point darts (if you look around, you can usually find them for $70). If you're wanting to buy a set of darts for a friend/spouse/significant other and don't know what they want (fixed or moveable point), this would be a good set to choose.

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