Piranha II Razor Grip Darts

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Steel-Tip Piranah II
Soft-tip Piranah II

Quoting the Dart World Catalog/Big River Darts - "The Razor Grip is comprised of hundreds of tiny cuts creating a unique gripping pattern; allowing the player to have a confident finger placement on the barrel that is both Comfortable and Tactile."

Close-up of the barrel


  1. Talk about a grip!!!
  2. They're 90% Tungsten
  3. You can get a set for around $40
  4. If you like Top-Spin shafts, that's what they come with
  5. They come in a very nice and durable dart case with extra shafts/flights
  6. I guess the biggest compliment is a couple of my friends won't quit "borrowing" them when they come over to throw


  1. I've always been partial to moveable-point steel-tip darts, these only come in fixed-point.
  2. Limited barrel styles (four steel and four soft at the time of this writing)
  3. I'm sure after heavy use, the fine knurls will eventually wear away

Recommendation: By far the best grip I've ever seen on a dart. The grip is almost too good especially if you like to fumble with your darts before you aim them. These are especially nice for those throwers that don't like heavy knurling.

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