Plus Four Nickel Shafts

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Plus Four Nickel Shafts

These shafts are unique in that they are an additional 2 grams heavier at the base of the shaft. Now what I want to know is why they aren't called "Plus Two Nickel Shafts"?? Or even "Plus Six" assuming they added all three together?? Maybe you're only suppose to throw two darts per turn as opposed to three. :-)


  1. You can increase the weight of your dart to see if you'd like to move up in weight without having to purchase a new set of darts.
  2. If you really like the darts you are throwing and can not find a set just like them that is heavier, this is an alternative.


  1. It will make the back end of your darts heavier. This can alter your throw, especially if you tend to lob your darts at the board.
  2. If you throw darts whose weight is "front-loaded" such as Black Widows, adding extra weight to the back could likely cause you problems. If you're not familiar with what I'm talking about, if your dart barrel is wider up front than in back, you are throwing a "front-loaded" dart. When I throw them, I tend to lob the dart. The heavier weight will bring the back of your dart down.
  3. Some soft-tippers might try these to ignore the weight limit that soft-tip boards come with. Anyone that's been throwing soft-tip darts for awhile can tell when darts that are too heavy are being used just by listening to them hit the board. Remember, the weight restrictions include the entire dart, not just the barrel.

Recommendation: If you're wanting to experiment with a heavier dart but do not have a dart store in your area to do this, these shafts are a cheaper alternative. I found the heavier weight at the end tended to alter the flight of my dart. I've been throwing with Alamo shafts for the last couple of years and just couldn't get used to these.

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