Nodor President

The Nodor President Dartboard

Rating  4 bull rating  out of  5 bull rating

Here's the reasons the manufacturer has on the box that states why you should buy this board:

  1. New wiring system using high tensile, low bounce back wire.
  2. Increased fibre content for high compression using pure Kenyan Sisal.
  3. Exclusive Nodor sport engineered Supabull and twenty-five ring.
  4. Four Nodor branded, easy turn number ring retainers.
  5. New leaf spring board stabilisers.
  6. Enhanced brighter colours.
  7. Hand finished and quality assured.
  8. Improved high quality packaging. (I always thought a cardboard box was just a cardboard box. I guess they really wanted 8 reasons, not just 7. <grin>)

Supabull II


  1. The wires are tight to the board and are "triangular" (as are the staples holding them in) reducing the odds of a dart hitting them and bouncing to the floor.
  2. The sisal does appear to be more compact than on many other boards. At this time, the board has been used for three weeks and it definately doesn't look it.
  3. I'm not so sure that the colors are really any brighter, but I will admit that they are where they belong. There is no color "sepage" under the wires. You know, red or green outside the double wire, or black on the outside edges of the white numbers.
  4. Staple-free bullseye (now a common feature on all good dartboards).


  1. It costs a little more than your standard bristle board but I suspect it will last longer.

Recommendation: This is an outstanding dartboard. Definately one of, if not the, best on the market. To me it's a toss up between this board and The DMI 'The Bandit' Dartboard. I've heard that some people have had problems with the Bandit board even though I never have.

dart hr

My Testing Results: My definition of a bounce out is a dart that bounces off the board. Now, having said that, this is what a bounce out is not:

  1. A dart that does not stick due to contact it made with another dart that was already in the board
  2. A dart that does not hit the board point first (flight fell out or just very poorly thrown)
  3. A dart that bounces off the metallic number ring.

Below are the results of our testing. After all was said and done, this is an outstanding dartboard.

Week 1: 8 hours of use & only 1 bounce out!! (not at the bullseye)
Week 2: 12 hours of use & only 2 bounce outs (1 was at the bullseye)
Week 3: 9 hours of use & only 2 bounce outs!! (not at the bullseye)
Week 4: 17 hours of use & only 2 bounce outs (1 was at the bullseye)
Week 5: 7 hours of use & 0 bounce outs!!
Weeks 6-7: 15 hours of use & only 1 bounce out (at the bullseye)!!
Weeks 8-9: 19 hours of use & only 3 bounce outs (2 at the bullseye)!!
Weeks 10-14: 35 hours of use & only 5 bounce outs (3 at the bullseye)!!

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