Pro Competitor Electronic Dartboard

(No longer in Production)

Pro Competitor Dartboard

This is an electronic board produced by Great Lake Darts Mfg. At the time of this writing, I have been throwing on it for about a month (at least 50 hours). It comes with a throw line, 8 complete sets of brass darts, and a measuring tape (mine didn't have the measuring tape but I got over it). :-)

Game Options & Rules


  1. It has 34 different games to play. Click HERE to view them and their rules.
  2. You can play against the computer in all 34 games (there are 5 different skill levels to choose from).
  3. You can adjust the volume from loud to off (8 different volume levels).
  4. Easy to read display.
  5. The machine remembers the last game you played and the settings you chose. You do not have to re-enter the options for each game if you keep them the same, you just have to push 1 button.
  6. It will display your point-per-dart average for each game of '01.
  7. You're not limited to either 2 or 4 players like some of the older models. You can actually have up to 16 players compete (like I want 16 people in my dart room even if there was enough space).
  8. It has a button that deactivates all of the other buttons after a game has been selected. This keeps an errant dart or one that bounces off the board funny from resetting the game you are playing.


  1. It, for the lack of a better word, "rattles". There is a pretty resounding thump when a dart hits the board. But when do you ever throw and there's not a TV or stereo blaring in the background?
  2. Like many other machines, doubles that land outside of the scoring area may register as a double.
  3. Darts do not like to stick in the double bull (though the manufacturer claims that the design of the bullseye will reduce bounce outs). I'm betting that 3 out of every 4 darts that I have hit the double bull with have ended up on the floor. Darts seem to stick in the rest of the board without any problems. Even though they may not stick, the machine still count the double bull as being hit.
  4. Every once in awhile the machine has counted 1 dart thrown as 2. The sad part is it always just seems to happen to me.
  5. Some of the game instructions aren't real clear (at least not to me).
  6. If you use "Shorties" tips, you're going to get a lot more bounce-outs. You'll want to use the narrower tips with this board unless you like bending over a lot to pick up your darts (I'm too lazy to do that).
  7. It's an electronic board (what can I say, I'm still a steel-tipper deep down inside).

Pros/Cons (depends on how you feel):

  1. There is no "fat" bull option (ie. the single and double bull are both worth 50 points as opposed to 25/50 respectively). The single bull is always worth 25 points and the double bull is always worth 50 point in both cricket and '01.
  2. It comes with 8 sets of darts. I know, they're brass darts and are relatively inexpensive, but that's still a lot of darts. It's perfect for anyone buying this board that is new to the sport and do not own their own darts.
  3. When you're throwing against the computer, you have to wait for it to register each score one at a time. It shows what it is aiming for, then you get the sound indicating that the dart is in the air, and then it shows what was scored. Personally, I'm not real found of this, but it does accurately simulate a good "game pace".
  4. It has an external speaker jack if you have a stereo that it can plug in to (I would find this extremely annoying, music is a much better use for my stereo at least).
  5. It has a small drawer for tips and 12 holes in the front that you can store 4 sets of darts it. I don't use either but the drawer does have a sticker on it listing the number for each game which is handy.
  6. When you get down to a 3-dart out in '01, you can push a button to see what you need to throw (I say learn your math).
  7. There is a bounce-out button that you can press if you do not want a dart that bounces out of the board to count. We don't use it because bounce outs count in both league play and local tournaments, why shouldn't they count at home.
  8. It talks. I'm not a big fan of all the sound effects and voices that come with some machines, but this isn't too bad and if you don't like it you can turn it off. We always set the volume to 1 or 2 depending on who's over and how good their hearing is. I set it on level 1 when practicing by myself (level 1 is the lowest).
  9. It won't shut itself off automatically if left idle for a extended period of time.

Recommendation: I like this board. It has many more options than any other electronic board on the market (more games, more players, 5 different levels you can choose to play against the computer, etc.) for the same amount of money that any of the other good boards sell for. It does rattle more than my old Arachnid board, but I can live with the rattle considering everything else it can do.

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Here's an email I received from Robin:

I am writing you in regards to the pro competitor electronic dart board. We purchased one last month and over the weekend that we had purchased it we began to have trouble. It would freeze up on us, shut the game off, and it wasn't a stuck segment. We exchanged it and got an identical one and it did the same thing so we got our money back. We really were pleased with the board other than having that problem. I was wondering if your's has ever given you the same problem?

My Response: I've never had this problem and I've had the board since December of 1999. We play on it at least twice a week. The only problems I have encountered are:

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