Pro Point 90 Steel-Tip Darts

Rating  4 bull rating  out of  5 bull rating

written by: Larry Maleszewski
(No longer in production but see information below)

A nice, thin, dart. Point mechanism is different from the others. No clips or 'friction fit', such as Hammerhead or Powerpoint. The A.R.P. (advanced retractable point) assembly is pressed into the barrel. A special tool is included to aid removal and insertion of the point/mechanism. The mechanism uses an O-ring to hold the point in the outward position. The result is very smooth movement of the point.

Recommendation: These are nice darts. I love the thinness of the barrels. There's really nothing inside the point mechanism to loosen up or unscrew. Everything stays put, even with some extensive use. Potential for injury and looseness increases the more you pull the points. There's a large selection of styles available, as well as 80% tungsten styles. The Pro Point 90 is worth trying.

Note: I have been informed that T&A Darts still have some of these darts available, both as originally designed and some that have been fitted with PowerPoints. You can contact them for availability.

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