Unicorn Phil Taylor Darts

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written by: Larry Maleszewski

Phil Taylor Dart

A beautiful set of darts! Feeling a little less than 'hi tech' lately? Kicking around the idea of buying a good set of fixed point darts? The Unicorn Phil Taylor's are really nice. The barrels are nice and thin. The points are of average length and apparently replaceable by your local dart shop. The rings along the barrel allow for a good grip. Unicorn guarantees the weight of their better darts. My set weighs in at 22.4 grams, according to a tag in the packaging.

Recommendation: There is no doubt in my mind that these are high quality darts. They just feel good in the hand & fly well. Unfortunately, Unicorn is not very popular in the US. My hunt in locating these was a tough one. I finally ordered them from the Dart Centre, a dart shop in Scotland (If you don't mind ordering internationally, this place is the ticket. The darts cost £23.10 (around $37 USD). John Howie, the proprietor, was easy to deal with. The entire transaction was done via email. Despite the shop being in Glasgow, the darts arrived within a few days). You can't go wrong with these darts, unless you can't stand using fixed points.

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