Puma Beefeater/DMI Tournament Board

The Puma Beefeater/DMI Championship/Bulls Hi Q Special Board

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Note: Depending on where you live or purchase this board, it will either be called the Puma Beefeater or the DMI Championship. Other than the name, both boards are identical and are manufactured by the same people in the same way.

This board is brought to you by the same people that make the Puma/DMI Bandit Dartboard. The obvious difference between the two is that the wires on the Bandit board are very then and embedded into the board without the use of staples. This board has nice "diamond shaped" wires that are connected to the board with staples.


  1. A staple free bull.
  2. Yes it has staples but they are very small and do not come into play that often.
  3. The "diamond shaped" wires also do a good job eliminating bounce-outs.
  4. On the back of the box the board comes in there are the rules to 301, 501 & Cricket. Also included is an outchart for '01 and diagrams showing how to hang the board and the different areas of a dartboard. I thought this was a nice touch especially for new throwers. Most dartboard boxes are either blank on the back or are repeating all the different reasons that you, as a thrower, need to buy their board as opposed to the competition.


  1. I was surprised to find that the colors between the numbers "ran" into the adjacent number in a couple of different places on the board. My surprise comes in that I've never seen this on the Bandit board where there is less room for error and they are made by the same manufacturor. Was the "bleeding" over bad? No, and as long as the white is the color that runs over, it just takes a second with a permanent black marker to fix.
  2. The staples are small, but they're still there. :-)

Recommendation: This is a very solid and well made dartboard. It is perfect for throwers that want a good board but do not want to pay a premium price for one.

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My Testing Results: I evaulated this board over three weeks. Listed below are the number of darts thrown, the number of bounce outs (and how many were bullseyes), and the percentage of darts thrown that did not bounce out. My definition of a bounce out is a dart that bounces off the board. Now, having said that, this is what a bounce out is not:

  1. A dart that does not stick due to contact it made with another dart that was already in the board
  2. A dart that does not hit the board point first (flight fell out or just very poorly thrown)
  3. A dart that bounces off the metallic number ring.

The board will be rotated prior to being used on any given night. I rotate the board so that the 14 becomes the 20. Below are the most current results. This is the first board that I've reviewed with the results based on darts thrown as opposed to just the period of time it was used. I feel it will give a much more accurate picture.

Month Darts Thrown Bounce Outs Percentage
December 8992 30 (9 were bulls) 99.7%
January 12,686 78 (24 were bulls) 99.4%
February 11,276 42 (18 were bulls) 99.6%

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