A Quiver of 3 Book Cover

A Quiver of 3

Soft-Tip Darts for the New Player

by Timothy R. Bucci

Rating  4 bull rating  out of  5 bull rating

"The purpose of this manual is to educate and entertain" - The first sentence in the disclaimer and the book definitely lives up to that claim.


  1. The author is a dart thrower and writes in a style thatís easy to follow and understand. His examples are clear and he mixes in some humor to keep the reading light.
  2. It really does encompass all of the areas that new throwers ask questions about and some that they donít (like wearing the proper clothing). Everything from choosing darts, dart mechanics, practice strategies and routines, mental strategies, how to build and dart team and much more.
  3. Favorite chapter: "Developing Your Darts Math Skills". New throwers donít seem to understand two things: first, waiting on the machine to tell you what to throw breaks your concentration and rhythm and second, what the machine tells you may not be your best option.
  4. Great book to have around for friends that express an interest in the game that may not like asking a lot of questions for fear that they may come across as sounding stupid.


  1. Limited audience. This book is as advertised, "Sot-Tip Darts for the New Player". If that isnít how you would describe yourself, then it will certainly be an entertaining read as opposed to an educational one.
  2. Least favorite chapter: "Know Thy Opponent". A very important subject and the first few pages cover it perfectly. Then it strays into some well written and entertaining stories about some of the "mind games" that we all have experienced from time-to-time. And even though Tim stresses the importance of good sportsmanship, and correctly so, a lot of time is spent covering different ways to win the game other than with your darts. Itís the second longest chapter of the sixteen in the book and itís not something I believe a new thrower needs to spend a lot of time on.

Recommendation: This book is for two groups of people; the ones that fit the description in the title and those of us who like having a library of dart books. If youíre in the first group, this is definitely a very smart purchase. It covers all the areas you need to know and then some. If youíre in the second group it's a fun read and is nice to have around to loan to friends that you would like to get involved in the sport.

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