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This game has taken the name from a common saying you will hear from people throwing darts (around here, it is mostly said with lot's of sarcasm; you know the occasion, a thrower aims at a double 20 to end a game but actually hits a triple 9). This is a card game that you use in conjunction with darts. It can be played with both steel-tip and soft-tip games. There are two decks included, one for '01 (two cards above on the left) and one for cricket (the two on the right). It's really a simple game, a card is drawn and that is the target you have to hit. If you hit it, another card is drawn. The two cards above represent a Double 17 and a Triple 16, ironically they are both worth 3 points. Obviously the '01 deck concentrates more on the throws you would be faced with in '01 games (like doubles) and the cricket deck concentrates on those throws you would be faced with in cricket games (triples and cricket numbers). Each target on the card is worth from 1 to 5 points, the harder the target the greater the points. The game ends after a pre-agreed upon point total is reached.


  1. Players of different skill levels can evenly, and enjoyably, compete against each other. The better the thrower, the more points he/she has to throw to win the game. So you could have four throwers throwing in the same game and all needing a different score to win.
  2. Need a practice routine when you have nobody else to throw with, look no further. If you want to gauge your progress, just keep up with how many darts it takes you to go through the deck (62 cards/deck).


  1. They are a little on the expensive side (around $17 each the last time I checked). When I bought my set, both decks came together, now they are sold separately. But, I bet you keep them longer than the set of darts you are currently throwing with. :-)

Recommendation: These cards will lead to hours of enjoyment and to a good practice routine. Though I think they are a little on the expensive side, I'd buy them again.

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