Scoreboards - Chalk vs Dry Erase

Chalk Scoreboards

Pros: Chalk is cheap! Doesn't sound like much of an endorsement, but that is the main plug.

Cons: Chalk is messy and a regularly used board will need to be replaced every year or so.

Dry Erase Scoreboards

Pros: No chalk dust but there is some dust left over. They are also easier to read and the scoreboard will never need replacing.

Cons: You must remove and replace the cap after every throw. If left without a cap on for a period of time, they will no longer write. Dry erase markers are also more expensive than chalk.

Recommendation: If you are a business, go with chalk. You will be constantly buying markers because of customers not replacing the caps. If you're buying for the house, I would go with the dry erase scoreboard. They are not as messy and you'll soon get use to the caps. I went down to the lumber store and bought a dish/cup that would normally be used in the bathroom and mounted it under the scoreboard to hold the marker, it's worked out real well.

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