Soft-Tip Hammer Head Darts

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It was just a matter of time before the makers of the famous hammer head darts figured out how to make a soft-tip version. The front of the dart, where the plastic tip screws in, is attached to a hammer head point, which gives you the hammer head action. You can unscrew this attachment out and replace it with a normal hammer head point and throw it on your bristle board. This hammer head action does decrease the number of bounce outs that you experience on a soft-tip board. But, more importantly, when it does bounce out it I've found it still scores more often than my regular soft-tip darts did. With my old darts, they would bounce out and I just knew I hit the scoring area but the machine didn't register a score. With these darts, this almost never happens.

Pros: They work in cutting down the number of bounce outs you will experience and when they do bounce out, they will still score the number you hit much more often. I have found this to be especially true on soft-tip boards that you hang on the wall in your home.

Cons: They are little more expensive than your average set of soft-tip darts. You will also have to get use to the feeling of the 'gap' that is at the end of the dart. This will, of course, depend on your grip.

Recommendation: If you throw a lot of soft-tip darts, you'll want to give these a try. You may find the spacing between front of the dart and the rest of the barrel a little annoying if you're used to gripping your dart there.

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