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This is a very durable shaft where the flights slips into the side as opposed to attaching to the top. This type of setup makes 'robin hooding' a thing of the past. It would be all but impossible to stick one dart into the back of another. The shaft is made of a very durable plastic and will easily last as long as an aluminum shaft for about the same price.

Pros: Eliminates robin hooding, you no longer need to purchase flight protectors (if you use them), inexpensive and durable.

Cons: There is no give so that if you throw a tight grouping, the dart will not get out of the way which can cause both serious deflections and bounce outs. Not all flights will fit into the shaft (VX for example).

Recommendation: If you're not known for throwing a lot of tight groups, this is a good shaft. If you are, you will want to look at something different. This is a good shaft for people just getting started in the sport.

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Visitor Feedback:

'I've used Slik Stiks for nearly 20 years. The original Unicorn ones and heavier copies. Also aluminium ones. I use pear shaped flights, the better the quality, the less chance a point will get caught in a flight. I don't seem to have any grouping problems but my method of throwing is to throw the first high then slide the next two below.'

Brian Rowe, Melbourne Australia

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