The Titanium Shaft

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Titanium Shaft

These are the narrowest shafts you will find on the market. They're made of, you guessed it, titanium steel (dart manufacturers come up with some of the cleverest names for their products <grin>). It's a strong shaft but many of the people I've known that use it do so because of the way the shafts look. "High Tech" is the most common description I've heard them referred to. Some have argued that they get tighter groupings due to the shafts narrow width. I guess that would be true if you didn't have to have a flight on the back of it. :-)


  1. They are strong. I did have a few break after bouncing off a board onto a hard floor.
  2. They are also narrow. I can't see how this helps, but if it's a psychological advantage for you, why not take advantage of it.


  1. They're not the most expensive shaft on the market, but they aren't too far behind.
  2. The replaceable tip that holds the flight easily comes loose. Can become quite annoying during a match.

Recommendation: Ok, they look cool. If you want to give them a try, go for it. I did not see how they have any advantage over other shafts available. You can still robin hood them and even though they won't bend like some aluminum shafts, they can break.

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