Top Spin Shafts

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written by: Larry Maleszewski

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A replacement shaft which allows the flight to spin out of the path of oncoming darts. Suggested for fixed point & other non spinning darts. Available in popular lengths & colors.

Cost: Around $5 or $6

  1. Allows flight to spin out of the way of oncoming darts. Reducing deflections & bounce outs.
  2. Available in multiple lengths (x-small, small, medium).
  3. Easy installation.

  1. Action of the spinning top is rough.
  2. Machining of the threads is not true. Try rolling the dart on a table & the shaft is not true to the dart body. Flight of dart may be affected.
  3. Top rattles when dart is drawn for the throw.
  4. Tops are not replaceable.

Recommendation: The idea behind the product is great. The shafts do work as advertised. The bend, due to machining, can affect flight of the dart.

Overall: I feel that these are not well made in comparison to others available. They are available in a short length, whereas other are not. This may be reason enough to try them. Otherwise, pass on these shafts.

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Visitor Feedback:

I use these shafts on my back-up darts and like them quite a bit. I swapped them around on my darts 'til I found a combination that was straight with o-rings. I play alot and have yet to break one of these shafts.

by D.J. McBride

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