Twisted Darts

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Twisted Dart Picture

No, I did not alter the picture of a normal dart, this is what they look like. And, believe it or not, they do fly straight. It takes a little work to find the best way to grip them though.

  1. Starts a lot of conversations.
  2. Opponents are actually a little distracted with them. They're more interested in watching you throw them than they are in their own game. You might be able to sneak a couple of wins with them.
  3. They come in black.

  1. Unlike normal darts, if you throw quickly, these will slow you down. You can quickly grip a normal dart and throw it in a very short period of time. Maybe I haven't thrown these enough, but it takes a couple of seconds to find the grip for each throw.
  2. They will not fit in many of the dart cases that are available (they do come with their own carrying case though).
  3. Hammerhead points will not fit into them.

Recommendation: They're really not that expensive and are quite a conversation starter at the local pub. With a little practice, they're really not all that hard to throw. Learn to throw them and challenge a better thrower to a game with the stipulation they have to throw your darts.

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